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zkSync airdrop

zkSync Airdrop

zkSync Airdrop – zkSync Retroactive

zkSync airdrop event is not an official one, but a retroactive case.

This means the event is not a guaranteed thing, but a high probability match.

Supporters will be able to receive free native token of zkSync once it launches in the near future.

To be eligible, you need to actually participate in the network, below is a few things you can do.




zkSync airdrop


Join the Mainnet – First Step To zkSync Airdrop

Connect To zkSync Mainnet

zksync wallet

At first, you can start by connecting your current Ethereum wallet to zkSync Mainnet.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose ‘Wallet Connect’
  3. Scan the QR with KEYRING PRO
  4. Tap ‘Connect’

You should be connected to zkSync Mainnet once signed. It is just the first step.

The network only recognizes your activities when you make a few transactions, or just simply approve a token.

In that case, depositing to zkSync Mainnet is necessary.


Deposit To ZKsync Mainnet

top up zksync wallet

If you already have some ETH in your wallet, zkSync Bridge will be the most convenient option.

You just need to bridge a small amount of ETH (Ex: $50 USD, or less) to zkSync for gas fee, as fee is also denoted to ETH on this Layer 2.

To have the best estimation, please use our ETH to USD Converter.

  1. Click on ‘Top up’
  2. Choose ‘zkSync’
  3. Choose ETH, set an amount
  4. Click the ‘Top up’ button
  5. Approve transaction on KEYRING PRO

Once completed, your bridged ETH will appear on your zkSync wallet.


Demo Video


Swap on ZigZag

Zigzag dex

ZigZag is one of those first DEXs on zkSync.

It allows users to trade with limit order and market order similarly to CEXs.

The exchange also brings up the vibe of Uniswap with the ‘Convert’ function, which is basically a swap feature with ready liquidity.

You can easily connect to the exchange with KEYRING PRO.

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Connect Wallet’
  3. Choose ‘Wallet Connect’
  4. Scan the QR with KEYRING PRO
  5. Tap ‘Connect’

Once signed in, everytime making a transaction on ZigZag, you just need to tap ‘Approve’ on KEYRING PRO app to approve transactions directly from your phone.

The exchange now supports hundreds of pairs in ETH, Stablecoins, and WBTC.


download button


Explore the Testnet – Increase Your Chance To zkSync Airdrop

ZKsync Testnet RPC

  • Chain ID: 280
  • Network Name: zkSync Testnet
  • Network RPC URL:
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:


ZKsync Goerli Testnet Faucet

Goerli Testnet Faucet lets you claim free ETH on the zkSync Testnet environment.

Testnet ETH has no market value and cannot be transferred to mainnet in anyways.

To access Goerli Faucet, please visit goerli-faucet.mudit blog or


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Add ZKsync Testnet RPC to KEYRING PRO

  1. Download KEYRING PRO on iOS, Android, APK, Huawei App Gallery, or Mac M1
  2. Create a multichain account
  3. Add RPC


  • On home screen, tap ‘Menu’ icon
  • Choose ‘Manage Chains’
  • Tap on the ‘+’ icon
  • Insert RPC parameters, please refer to the RPC section above.
  • Tap ‘Add’
  • On the home screen, choose an address you want to use on the newly added chain, or you can create a new account
  • Choose ‘Use this address with other chains’
  • Choose the newly added chain
  • Tap ‘Create’


Find Your zkSync Testnet Address

You only need to paste your testnet address onto the Goerli Faucet to start receiving free ETH.

  • On the home screen, find your Testnet Account
  • Tap on it
  • Tap ‘Copy Address’
  • Paste your address onto Goerli Faucet

Copy Address


What is ZKsync?

zkSync is a Layer 2 of Ethereum that aims to solve the issue of scalability using zkRollup technology.

The term refers to the combination of zero-knowledge proofs and on-chain data availability, which allows validation running trustlessly.

Proofing mechanism within zkRollup is also known as ZK-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge).

It helps to validate possession of information without revealing that information (such as using a secret key) based on a new complex mathematical technology.

‘ZK-SNARKs’ reduces gas fees and enhances processing speed of a network significantly.


At this point, users can bridge most assets from Ethereum to zkSync to trade efficiently.

That includes ETH, WBTC, and ERC-20.

Minting NFT on the chain is available as well.

Aside from paying fee with ETH, users can also choose DAI for gas fee payment.



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ZKsync Coin

On zkSync documentation, they have confirmed to launch a native token in the near future.

zkSync coin is expected to be airdropped to network supporters similarly to Optimism token.

Once an official announcement comes out, we will update in this article.


ZKsync Price

Since the coin has not launched, zkSync price is still a hidden number.

As market speculates, zkRollup will be a new trend.

Not long ago, Polygon just announced their update on a zkEVM.


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