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eesee airdrop THUMB 2.0

Eesee Airdrop confirmed! How to increase your points guide (Invite code included)

Eesee Airdrop has been confirmed by the developers, with the total value of the airdrop go up to 300,000 dollars. So, how do you eligible for the airdrop? Let’s find out in this blog.

What is Eesee?

Eesee is a gamified NFTFi and SocialFi platform that aims to revolutionize the NFT trading market. NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is a unique digital asset that can represent anything from art to music to games.

NFTFi stands for non-fungible token finance, which is a way of using NFTs as collateral for loans or other financial services.

SocialFi stands for social finance, which is a way of using social media and community engagement to create value and rewards in the crypto space.

Eesee’s platform has several features that make it different from other NFT marketplaces:

  • It uses a ticketed sales system, which allows sellers to sell their NFTs at full price and buyers to buy them at a fraction of the cost. The seller sets the price, the number of tickets, and the value of each ticket.
  • It has a built-in social network, which brings community discussion and support directly under each listing. The buyers and sellers can chat with each other, share their opinions, and get first-hand information about the NFTs.
  • It supports multiple blockchains and different types of digital assets, including Web2 assets such as domain names, social media accounts, and gaming items. The platform also plans to integrate real-world tokenized assets.

Eesee’s team consists of experienced developers, designers, marketers, and advisors from the crypto and NFT industry. The project has raised $1.1M in a token round and has received support from several reputable partners and investors.

The project has also launched a whitelist campaign, which gives early supporters a chance to mint an exclusive NFT and get access to the alpha testing phase of the platform.

eesee airdrop confirm X

The Eesee Airdrop.

The Airdrop has been officially confirmed, featuring a reward pool of $300,000. Let’s get straight to the point – how to earn points for the airdrop. The initial step is to visit their website and link your wallet.

However, you’ll need a referral or an invite code to successfully complete the wallet connection process. No need to worry, though; I’ve got you covered. Here is a referral code that you can use multiple times:


Now, armed with this invite code, you should be able to link your wallet, and thus begins the journey. Following this will be instructions on completing tasks, often referred to as “Challenges,” based on the author’s experiences.

Since these tasks are only reviewed after completing the preceding ones, you might inadvertently use too much or too little capital for a previous task, leading to confusion with the subsequent one. Therefore, this guide aims to help you minimize those minor mistakes.

Let’s embark on these challenges together.

The first challenge you should tackle is:

Onboarding odyssey

This task requires you to update your profile information, such as name, bio, avatar image, cover photo, and email.

To do this, go to Account => Settings and fill in all the details. Connect your social links as well, even if they are not required for the Onboarding Odyssey task. This will help you with other tasks later.

When you are done, click apply to save the changes.

Then, go back to the “Challenges” section and check the Onboarding Odyssey task again. You can claim your points there. If you don’t see them right away, don’t worry. It may take some time for the system to verify your updates.

Also, after you complete your profile, you can go to the Add funds section in the bottom left corner and get some free funds. You can use them to enjoy other activities on the site.

The funds should include:

  • 1 free testnet NFT.
  • 50 testnet USDC.
  • 0.02 ETH on Goerli ETH.

eesee airdrop free funds

You can get more funds every 24 hours. So, make sure to log in every day and claim them. Logging in daily is another task you can complete. Kudos to Eesee dev for making it easy for users.

Verifying your account is a good way to build trust and credibility. It may also boost your chances of getting the airdrop, although this is not guaranteed. Verifying your account is quick, easy, and free, so there is no reason not to do it.

Eesee’s trail

If you already filled in all the social account information, this task is almost finished as this challenge will ask you to:

eesee airdrop eesee trail

To speed up the verification process, make sure you link your social accounts before completing the required tasks. Then, click the “check” or “claim” button only after you finish each task. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next checkup to get verified.


This Challenge requires you to invite more users to the testnet using your referral code. Each user has a unique referral code that you can find in the Account => Setting section, by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

eesee airdrop friend net referal code blur

The referral code can be used as many times as you like and the more people using your referral code, the more points you can get and more task in this challenge.

Lot Launcher

This challenge is about selling your NFT on the marketplace. You can get a free NFT from the previous task.

Follow these steps to create a lot for your NFT:

  • Go to the “Create” section.
  • Select the NFT you want to sell and click “Create lot”.
  • Enter the details for your lot, such as price, duration, and description.

eesee airdrop lot launcher

Here’s a pro tip for you. The next challenge will ask you to buy an NFT from the marketplace.

You can buy any NFT you like, even your own. So, a smart way to complete both challenges is to buy back your own lot. To do that, you should set the duration to 1 day, so you don’t have to wait too long.

Set the price of a ticket to maximum 10 USDC will help you save more money in the long run. We recommend you keep it 1 USDC, which is the lowest price for a ticket.

Once the duration is over, you will receive your NFT and also complete another task that requires you to win a lot.

Lucky Man

This challenge is about buying an NFT from the marketplace. You can bid on any NFT you like, using “tickets” as the currency. The highest bidder wins the NFT when the lot duration ends.

To make this challenge easier, you can follow these tips:

  • In the previous challenge, you created a lot for your own NFT. You can find it in your Account => Profile section.
  • You can bid on your own NFT using tickets. This way, you will complete the buy NFT task, and also keep your NFT and most of the money you spent.
  • You should buy at least 10 USDC worth of tickets, because there is another task that requires you to do so.


eesee airdrop buy lot

You can also buy more NFTs from the marketplace, if you want to explore more options. Just go to the “Explore” tab and select the “NFTs” option. You will see a list of NFTs available for bidding.

We encourage you to explore more NFT, because the next challenge will ask you to.

Lot Legion

As mentioned in the previous challenge, this one will ask you to purchase tickets worth $10. This is a very straightforward task to complete.

After finishing the first task, the next task will ask you to buy tickets totaling $100 and buy tickets from at least two different lots. Here’s a tip for you.

  • The first time you add funds, you will get 50 USDC and 1 NFT. You can add funds again after 24 hours, so be patient and wait for the next “add funds”.
  • After you add funds again, you will have a total of 100 USDC. Of course, you will not have the full 100 USDC at this time since you have already bought tickets worth $10. However, the task asks you to buy a total amount of $100 not to buy a $100 ticket, so you have just enough.
  • And now you also have one more NFT from the fund. You can repeat the steps of selling your NFT and then buying it yourself. But don’t spend all on this one, as there is a task that asks you to buy more NFTs, so you can balance your fund and do so.
  • Or you can just wait for one more day and get 50 USDC and an NFT more. It’s up to you.

eesee airdrop lot legion

Remember, you need to stay active, so no need to rush.

Eesee Citizen

This challenge is designed to encourage you to delve into the world of NFTs. The tasks will center around maintaining consistent engagement with the platform. Specifically, you’ll be logging in for several consecutive days, liking NFTs, and exploring a variety of lots.

The initial set of tasks includes:

  • Log in for 3 consecutive days.
  • Place 3 likes
  • Explore 30 lots.

eesee airdrop eesee citizen

Upon completion of the first set of tasks, subsequent tasks will follow a similar pattern but with increased quantities. It’s advisable to anticipate and prepare for more extensive tasks in the future, making it essential to dedicate time to thoroughly explore the diverse range of NFT lots available.

Also, to save your time for later, every time you open an NFT, you should leave a comment, this will help you finish a different task.

Onboarding Odyssey

If you follow the guide to this step, you should have already finished this challenge. All you need to do is fill out your profile information.

eesee airdrop fill up profile Onboarding Odyssey

However, there’s a catch. While you can accrue points, claiming them is not immediate; you must wait for at least 6 months before they become claimable.

The rationale behind this delay isn’t within my control, but it’s likely a measure implemented by the developers to encourage sustained engagement and ensure the legitimacy of your account. How do I know? I asked the customer support.

eesee airdrop customer support

SocialFi Saga

This challenge is a good way for you to interact with the site, as you need to write messages in the chat room. Just open the chat function at the top right of your screen. The first task is to write 1 message, the next is 10 messages. But remember, don’t spam or say unappropriated messages, be nice!

After sending messages in chat, you need to write comment on you will need to write comments on other’s lot chat. Which if you follow the instructions above to leave a comment every time you explore an NFT lot, you should be done right now.

eesee airdrop SocialFi Saga

Social Spotlight

This challenge is all about sharing and inviting more people to

  • Share your invite code on X.
  • Bought tickets and share on X.

When you finish, you will be able to check for the result. But you can only check every 8 hours, so if it’s not working for you the first time, be patient and try again later.

eesee airdrop social spotlight 8hours

Using KEYRING PRO Wallet to get your Eesee Airdrop.

KEYRING PRO Wallet is a highly secure, user-friendly crypto wallet. It empowers users to freely add any chain or token to the wallet for convenient transactions in the crypto market.

For the Eesee Airdrop, the eligibility process on the Goerli testnet is straightforward when using the KEYRING PRO Wallet.

  1. Download KEYRING PRO Wallet.
  2. Create your address.
  3. Go to
  4. Connect your wallet.
  5. Choose the Wallet Connect option.
  6. Choose the KEYRING PRO Wallet app.
  7. Proceed to choose the address you want to create the Goerli testnet wallet.
  8. Hit the Connect button.


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