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Advanced Wallet Connect Via KEYRING PRO

KEYRING PRO lets you sign & approve transactions on DEXs or Dapps immediately by interacting with Desktop Browser from your phone.
You only need to scan a QR code, KEYRING PRO will take care of the rest.

The app provides a secure environment for you to interact with DEXs and Dapps across various Blockchains. You can approve a transaction from anywhere, on any browser, on any desktop directly from your mobile phone.

This method eliminates digital traces, which protects user from computer malwares, untrusted desktops, or even cyber attack.

  • No Extension Needed
  • Unlimited Access
  • Backup Accounts to a File
  • Connect Various Wallets
  • Sign & Approve
  • Multichain
  • High Mobility
  • Fast and Secure


One Key For All Wallets

Keyring Private Key
Manage all of your accounts (BTC, ETH, TOMO) with only 01 Backup file on KEYRING PRO
Yes, it’s now possible.

KEYRING PRO lets you manage all of your accounts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or TomoChain with only one Backup File.

This minimizes the risk of losing any of your accounts. In fact, you can always restore all of your Blockchain accounts with a Backup file on KEYRING PRO.

KEYRING PRO is an ideal tool for anyone to HODL any Blockchain Assets.

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Bacoor Team

The journey of Bacoor has started since early 2017 as a gatheration of various Blockchain experts from 03 different countries. We put together our very best faith in the development of Smart Contract, with a vigorous belief in the future of the industry.

In fact, it was a right decision. The Blockchain Industry has been blooming faster than ever in the last 03 years. We think this snowball is just started to roll, and it will move even faster in the next couple of years. Let’s join us and our partners to celebrate this great achievement.

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Bacoor offers a wide-range of services to fully support any Projects, or Companies that willing to explore the amazing Blockchain Technology.

Our Status

App Download +350,000
Developer & Expert +50
Project +15
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Operating Year +4

Who We Are

In the last 04 years, Bacoor has associated with various companies through 15 Blockchain Projects, as the industry blooming faster than ever. In fact, Blockchain has passed the incubation process, thanks to the maturity of Smart Contract. The feature is now stable and fully customizable for any particular request.

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