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KEYRING PRO enables Simultaneous Multichain Wallet Connect to DEXs and Dapps by interacting with any Web Browsers remotely from your Phone.

With the power of Multichain Wallet Connect, you can access any Web3 Dapps as Uniswap, Pancake Swap, or Quick Swap at once from limited browsers as Safari on Ipad, or Iphone.

It only takes one scan to start the process. The ‘Auto’ mode on the app will automatically approve any transaction for you at the right time once enabled.

Multichain Connect

The app removes the boundaries between different chains. It lets you connect to various platforms on different Blockchains at once. For instance, you can connect to Uniswap (ETH), Pancake Swap (BSC), and Quickswap (Polygon) to trade at the same time by using KEYRING PRO.

One Key Feature

Exclusively on KEYRING PRO, you can create multiple wallets on all supported Blockchains at once with the same Address and Private Key (except for Bitcoin).

Cross-chain Wallet

KEYRING PRO will display all assets from all imported addresses in an order of Token Name. On the other hand, you can import custom token from any of the supported chains, by simply pasting the Smart Contract to the ‘Add Custom Token’ section.

Reliable Backup

You can always back up all of the imported accounts on KEYRING PRO to a highly encrypted file and save it on a secure device. The back up file comes with a custom password that set by the owner.

Advanced Multichain Wallet Connect

Mobile Browser Extension

Multichain Connect

You can connect to different platforms on various chains at the same time.

Auto Mode

Once enabled, this mode will automatically approve all transactions everytime you interact on a Dapp.

Instant Transaction

You can send/receive Blockchain Assets instantly with KEYRING PRO through

Mobile Browser Extension

You can interact with Dapps on most browsers which include Safari on your phone, or on a different device.

One Key Feature

One Private Key & Address

KEYRING PRO enables users to generate wallets on all supported chains at once with only one Private Key.

All created wallets come with the same exact wallet address.

This basically means by using KEYRING PRO, the Mobile Browser Extension, you can use the same wallet across multiple chains.

This feature is applied but limited to Bitcoin. In case of Bitcoin, the Address and Private Key will be different from other wallets, as the standard applied on Bitcoin is incompatible with other chains.

However, you can restore all wallets at once with the same Private Key, which include Bitcoin. For example, you can generate wallets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, HECO, Harmony One, etc. with your Private Key on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

One Key Feature (1)

Cross-chain Wallet

Multichain Wallet

Total Holding Value

The total value of holding assets will appear on the main screen of KEYRING PRO.

Holding Assets

The app elaborates the holding details in an order of token list. In case an asset exists cross-chain, all holding values on all supported chains will be displayed.

Add Token

You can always add in a Custom Token by tapping on the 'Add Token' button.

Secure Backup

Highly Encrypted Backup File

KEYRING PRO lets users back up all imported wallets on all supported chains at once to a highly encrypted Backup File.

The Backup File always follows the format of keyring-backup-file-123456789.txt, which is extremely simple to store.

The Backup File is secured by two layers of security.

First, it can only be extracted by using KEYRING PRO app.

Second, you always have to secure the the file with a custom password.

It basically means without the custom password and KEYRING PRO app, it would be impossible to extract the Backup File.

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Partner of Bacoor

Bacoor Team

The journey of Bacoor has started since early 2017 as a gatheration of various Blockchain experts from 03 different countries. We put together our very best faith in the development of Smart Contract, with a vigorous belief in the future of the industry.

In fact, it was a right decision. The Blockchain Industry has been blooming faster than ever in the last 03 years. We think this snowball is just started to roll, and it will move even faster in the next couple of years. Let’s join us and our partners to celebrate this great achievement.