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What is Linea Faucet?

What is Linea Faucet?

Linea Faucet is a service for users and developers to get free Linea ETH on the Linea network.

Please keep in mind that the given token has no market value, but for testing purposes only.

At the time of this article, there are several Linea faucets available, such as:

  • Infura Linea Faucet (0.5 ETH/day):
  • Linea Goerli Testnet Faucet (0.5 ETH/day):
  • Echodex Linea Faucet (0.09 ETH/day):

These faucets allow you to request free Linea ETH token by connecting your wallet and selecting the appropriate network.

The main Linea faucet is powered by Infura, a platform that provides developers with access to Ethereum infrastructure.

Linea Faucet is useful for testing the functionality and performance of the Linea network and its features, such as Liquids, synthetic assets that track the price of real-world assets.

You can use Linea ETH to create, trade, and manage Liquids on the Linear protocol. You can also use Linea tokens to pay fees, stake, and participate in governance on the network.

To use the Linea faucet, you first need to add Linea Goerli Testnet RPC to your wallet.


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What is Linea Testnet RPC?

Linear Testnet RPC

RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call, which is a protocol that allows applications to communicate with each other over a network.

An RPC endpoint is a URL that provides access to a blockchain node that can execute commands and queries on the network.

A Linea Testnet RPC is an RPC endpoint that connects to the Linea testnet, which can be used to interact with the Linea testnet using tools like Metamask, Remix, or Web3.js.

  • Chain ID: 59140
  • Network Name: Linea Goerli Testnet
  • Network URL:
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:


download button


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Add Linea RPC to KEYRING PRO wallet

  1. Download KEYRING PRO on iOS, Android, APK, Huawei App Gallery, or Mac M1
  2. On home screen, tap ‘Menu’ icon
  3. Choose ‘Manage Chains’
  4. Tap on the ‘+’ icon
  5. Insert RPC parameters, please refer to the RPC section above.
  6. Tap ‘Add’
  7. On the home screen, choose an address you want to use on the newly added chain, or you can create a new account
  8. Choose ‘Use this address with other chains’
  9. Choose the newly added chain
  10. Tap ‘Create’



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How to claim free Linea ETH?

On Linea Goerli Testnet Faucet & Infura Linea Faucet

Linea Goerli Testnet Faucet

  1. Go to
  2. Choose ‘Connect Wallet’
  3. Scan the QR with KEYRING PRO
  4. In the section Linea ETH, click ‘Go to Faucet’
  5. Paste in your wallet address
  6. You may need to create an Infura account to proceed

(*) You need to keep at least 0.001 mainnet ETH in your wallet to receive free Linea ETH. By using Linea Goerli Testnet Faucet, you can claim other tokens aside from Linea ETH.


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On Echodex Linea Faucet

Echodex Linea Faucet

  1. Go to
  2. Choose ‘Connect Wallet’ use Metamask
  3. Follow them on Twitter
  4. Join their Discord
  5. Check ‘I’m not robot’
  6. Click ‘Claim’


Bridge ETH from Ethereum Goerli to Linea Goerli Testnet

Goerli Testnet RPC (Ethereum)

  • Chain ID: 5
  • Network Name: Goerli Testnet
  • Network URL:
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:


Goerli Ethereum Faucet

To access Goerli Ethereum Faucet and claim free ETH on Goerli testnet, go to


Bridge ETH from Goerli to Linea Goerli Testnet

Bridge ETH from Goerli to Linea Goerli Testnet

  1. Go to
  2. Choose ‘Connect Wallet’, click Wallet Connect
  3. Scan the QR with KEYRING PRO
  4. Set an amount to bridge
  5. Click ‘Send’
  6. Tap ‘Confirm’ on your KEYRING PRO


What is Linea Crypto?

Linea Network is a developer-ready zk rollup powered by Consensys, enabling the next generation of Ethereum builders.

It is a Layer 2 solution on Ethereum that uses zero-knowledge proofs to scale transactions and smart contracts while preserving security and decentralization.

Linea Network aims to provide a fast, cheap, and secure platform for dApps and users who want to benefit from the Ethereum ecosystem without compromising on user experience or trust.

Linea Network has recently launched its mainnet alpha release, which will bring Linea closer to becoming a robust zkEVM network.

Testnet partners have begun onboarding to the network, and users will be able to access it on July 18th, 2023.

Linea Network also has a vibrant community of developers, partners, and supporters who are building and experimenting with the network.


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