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KEYRING PRO Wallet 3.7.0 update

The new KEYRING PRO Wallet 3.7.0 update is here! Unleash a wave of improvements that simplify your digital asset management.

KEYRING PRO Wallet 3.7.0 update

Domain Checking

The cryptocurrency market is vast and full of potential, but it’s also a breeding ground for scams and phishing attacks. Alarmingly, these attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect.

To address this, KEYRING PRO Wallet is introducing a new feature in this update to help users be more cautious when using their wallets to log in.

When you use KEYRING PRO Wallet to log in through Wallet Connect, we’ll analyze the website for unusual elements based on Wallet Connect’s assessment information. If anything suspicious is detected, a warning will be issued to the user.

There are three types of warnings:

  • Unknown Domain: This appears when the domain of the website you want to connect to cannot be verified. Be cautious when confirming the connection.

  • Domain Mismatch: This occurs when the domain of the website you’re trying to connect to doesn’t match the sender of the request. Use extreme caution before agreeing to connect, as this could be an insecure domain that could lead to losing of your assets.

  • Known Security Risk: If you encounter this warning, it’s best to avoid connecting altogether. This warning only appears when the domain has been flagged as unsafe by multiple security providers. Exercise utmost caution.

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Please note: These warnings are based on direct data provided by Wallet Connect. We only relay these warnings to our users.

Address Checking

Adding an extra layer of security for users of the KEYRING PRO Wallet, when users input the recipient’s address to transfer assets, they will receive corresponding notifications:

  • This address is being used for the first time: When the user is sending to this address for the first time.
  • This address has been used before: The user has sent assets to this address previously.
  • Sent more than once to this address: The user has sent assets to this address multiple times, indicating it could be a trusted address.
  • This address is a contract address: Notifies the user that the address is a contract address. This notification can appear alongside others (e.g., “This address is a contract address” and “This address is being used for the first time”).
  • This is a suspicious address: Indicates that the address is suspicious, possibly due to shady activities or associations with dubious transactions in the past. Users should exercise caution when dealing with such addresses.
  • Invalid address: Indicates that the address does not exist, prompting users to recheck the wallet address information thoroughly.

Displaying these notifications is an effective measure to help users be more cautious during transactions, avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

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KEYRING PRO Wallet – Designed for the User

In recent times, as market fluctuations have increased and user demand for a versatile wallet has grown, KEYRING PRO Wallet has consistently updated its features and improved performance to best serve its users.

In the future, we will continue to enhance existing features while adding new, useful functionalities. We are always attentive to user feedback and strive to incorporate their valuable contributions.

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