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nfc keycard

NFC Keycard

What is NFC Keycard?

It is a feature of KEYRING PRO, allowing users to extract wallet authorization to an NTAG215 NFC card (so called NFC Keycard) securely. Once connected to an NFC Keycard, KEYRING PRO will require users to authorize major activities with the card such as sending assets or checking Private Key.

Its nature creates a portable hardware wallet for users to carry easily. From another aspect, NFC Keycard is more durable and affordable than tradittional hardware wallets. The card itself is a non-electronic device and appears as a regular card, concealing its importance.

In terms of backup, wallet owners can quickly copy an activated card and store in different places to avoid losing authorization in unforeseen events. The process would require the initial activated card to authorize.

Once an NFC Keycard is paired with a wallet, the owner can use it to authorize major activities in the app, creating an extra layer of security. For example, if Joe wants to send assets to Tom, Joe will be prompted to tap his NFC Keycard on his phone. The app will then use the data on the card to authorize the transaction. This way, Joe can prevent unauthorized access to his wallet even if Joe loses his phone, or someone hacks it.


How to buy NFC Keycard?

Users can simply purchase NTAG215 NFC card on most ecommerce sites (Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Shopee, etc.). It would cost less than $1 USD for a card. Any card that matches the standard of NTAG215 will be compatible with KEYRING PRO app and have the job done.




How to connect a wallet to NFC Keycard?







  1. Choose a wallet to connect
  2. Choose ‘Export to NFC Keycard’
  3. Scan the card
  4. Tap ‘Next’
  5. Insert PIN Code
  6. Save the Keystone file









NFC Keycard Settings





  1. On the main screen, choose ‘Menu’
  2. Choose ‘NFC Keycard operation’


(*) In this section, users can modify everything related to NFC Keycard, include:

– Show Private Key

– Change Password

– Copy NFC Keycard

– Erase NFC Keycard

– Set password for NFC Keycard

– Use NFC reader

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