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Story Protocol

What is Story Protocol?

In May 2023, Story Protocol raised an astonishing $29.3 million in a seed round led by A16z Crypto. Other notable participants in this seed round included prominent entities like Hashed, Endeavor, Samsung Next, Foresight Ventures, Dao5, Insignia Venture Partners, Alliance DAO, and Mirana Ventures.

This article delves into the essence of Story Protocol, its remarkable fundraising achievements, the purpose it serves, and why content creators and IP owners should consider embracing this groundbreaking protocol.


What is Story Protocol? 

The digital age has transformed the way we create, share, and protect intellectual property (IP).

In this era of innovation, a web3 startup called Story Protocol is making waves by redefining the landscape of intellectual property management through the power of Blockchain technology.


what is story protocol


Story Protocol is an innovative blockchain-based intellectual property (IP) protocol designed to revolutionize the way intellectual property is created, managed, and licensed in the digital age.

It offers a global and scalable library of intellectual property assets, empowering creators to tap into a decentralized ecosystem that enables them to protect, monetize, and collaborate on their creative works with unparalleled transparency.


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Story Protocol Funding Rounds

Story Protocol (Official Website) has garnered significant support from investors and industry leaders, solidifying its position as a key player in the blockchain and IP management space.

In a recent milestone, Story Protocol successfully completed a Series A funding round, securing an impressive $25 million in investments.

Leading this funding round was a16z crypto, a renowned entity in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain investments.


Story Protocol Investor


This achievement comes on the heels of Story Protocol’s earlier funding round in the same year, where it raised an astonishing $29.3 million in a seed round.

Notable participants in this seed round included prominent entities like Hashed, Endeavor, Samsung Next, Foresight Ventures, Dao5, Insignia Venture Partners, Alliance DAO, and Mirana Ventures.

Additionally, influential angel investors, such as David Bonderman, the founder and chairman of TPG Capital, and Roham Gharegozlou, the founder and CEO of Dapper Labs, joined the ranks of Story Protocol supporters.


What Is the Purpose of the Protocol?

At its core, Story Protocol aims to disrupt the traditional landscape of intellectual property management by harnessing the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology.

The protocol seeks to empower creators by providing them with a platform that enables unlimited creativity.


story protocol purpose



Story Protocol empowers content creators to produce, protect, and license their intellectual property seamlessly and transparently on the blockchain.

It eliminates barriers to entry, allowing creators from diverse backgrounds to participate in the creation process.



The protocol offers a suite of tools for the efficient management of intellectual property rights, attribution, and provenance.

These features ensure the security and authenticity of intellectual property assets.



Story Protocol facilitates frictionless licensing of intellectual property, allowing creators to set transparent and programmable licensing conditions.

This innovation simplifies the complexities of traditional IP licensing negotiations and paves the way for scalable licensing models.


Remix and Compose

The protocol actively encourages the remixing and composing of intellectual property assets, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of collaborative creativity.

This collaborative approach enables creators to build upon existing works, creating a thriving creative community.



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Why Do You Need Story Protocol?

Story Protocol offers an array of compelling reasons for content creators and intellectual property owners to embrace this transformative platform.


why story protocol


Democratized Creation

The Protocol democratizes the creation of intellectual property by making it accessible to a global audience.

It eliminates geographical and economic barriers, enabling creators from various backgrounds to participate in the creation process.


Enhanced Protection

The blockchain’s immutable nature ensures the security and authenticity of intellectual property assets.

Creators can trust that their works will be protected from unauthorized use, plagiarism, and intellectual property disputes.


Transparent Licensing

Creators can define and implement transparent and programmable licensing conditions on the blockchain.

This innovation simplifies the traditionally complex IP licensing process, allowing creators to set licensing parameters that align with their preferences.


Monetization Opportunities

Story Protocol opens up new monetization opportunities for creators by providing mechanisms for shared upside and royalty streams.

This approach encourages both original creators and those involved in remixing and derivative works to benefit from their contributions, creating a positive-sum game for all participants.


Integration with Web3

As a web3 startup, Story Protocol is at the forefront of blockchain technology, aligning with the future of the internet.

It offers compatibility with emerging web3 platforms and technologies, positioning creators for success in the evolving digital landscape.


Introducing the Founders and Team

The visionary team behind Story Protocol comprises individuals with diverse experiences and a shared commitment to revolutionizing the intellectual property landscape.


Story Protocol team


Seung Soo Kim (CEO)

Seung Soo Kim (Twitter), a co-founder of Story Protocol, serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

His entrepreneurial journey includes founding Radish Fiction, a storytelling app that garnered significant attention when it was acquired by Kakao for $440 million in 2021.


Jason Levy (Co-Founder)

Jason Levy (Twitter), another co-founder of Story Protocol, boasts senior positions at tech giants Amazon and Apple in his background.

Before co-founding Story Protocol, he launched World Between Worlds, an entertainment app that allowed users to explore real-world places inside their mobile phones.


Jason Zhao (Co-Founder)

Jason Zhao (Twitter), yet another co-founder, previously served as a product manager at Google’s AI subsidiary, DeepMind, showcasing his expertise in cutting-edge technology.


Ben Sternberg (CFO)

Ben Sternberg (Twitter), the Chief Financial Officer of Story Protocol, has a background as the CFO of Radish Fiction before joining the Story Protocol team in September of the previous year.



Story Protocol stands as a groundbreaking approach to intellectual property management, providing creators with the tools and opportunities to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

With significant funding and a visionary team, it is poised to reshape the future of intellectual property on the blockchain, democratizing creation and fostering a collaborative creative community.


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