All-in-one Wallet Backup

Fast & Secure

You will never lose access to any of your Blockchain Wallets ever again.

KEYRING PRO lets users back up all imported wallets to a highly encrypted Backup File in a few simple steps.

Backup Wallet can only be decrypted with KEYRING PRO app, which can be stored easily on different devices, or on cloud servers.

This amazing feature exists as the key to solve the multichain backup issue. Once proceeded, user can back up everything securely at the same time, and restore the backup wallet at anytime, on any devices.

Keep your long-term investment safe and secure.



KEYRING PRO Backup File always follows the format of keyring-backup-file-123456789.txt.

Once created, the file normally located in the ‘Download’ folder on Mobile devices.

This enables users to copy and store the Backup File in different storages.

The file exists in the .txt format. Hence, any manual adjustment on the file will affect the restoration process.


KEYRING PRO lets users back up all imported wallets from supported Blockchains at once in 01 Backup File.

In fact, there is no limit for the number of importable wallets. It means you can import as many wallets as you want.

The app currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Houbi ECO Chain (HECO), Harmony One (ONE), and TomoChain (TOMO).


The Backup File is securely encrypted, which can only be extracted with KEYRING PRO app to Blockchain accounts .

On the other hand, a customized password always exists as the second layer to protect user’s fund. Without the password, the Backup File is unusable.

The two layers of encryption will ensure the highest security for KEYRING PRO Backup File.


Import Bitcoin Wallet

All In One Private Key

When you first import a wallet by using a Private Key, there will be an option to create other wallets on other Blockchains with the same Private Key.

For instance, you import a Bitcoin Private Key, then choose ‘Ethereum’, ‘TomoChain’, and ‘Binance Smart Chain’. Eventually, 03 new wallets will be created on Ethereum, TomoChain, and Binance Smart Chain with that Private Key. From that point, you can always restore your wallets on different Blockchains at the same time with only 01 Private Key exclusively on KEYRING PRO.

The same rule is applied for other Blockchain Wallets on KEYRING PRO. Specifically, you can use a Private Key on one chain to create wallets on other chains. As a result, your wallets will be connected with 01 Private Key.