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KEYRING PRO offers a convenient and swift way for users to purchase cryptocurrency using their Visa or Mastercard, facilitating a seamless and rapid transaction process.

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Buy With Credit Card

Using a credit or debit card, anyone can swiftly acquire Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies in just a matter of minutes.

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Within Your Wallet

Once purchased, Simplex will deliver cryptocurrency directly to user's address, mitigating the potential risk of asset loss.

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Buy Bitcoin & Others

Aside from acquiring Bitcoin with fiat, users have an option to purchase Ethereum, BNB, ERC-20 tokens, and others.

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Purchase Bitcoin securely using your credit card directly from your trusted wallet TODAY!

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Individuals from most countries across the globe now can easily buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with fiat to be part of the future digital world.


Acquiring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through KEYRING PRO is a quick process, typically completed in just a few minutes.

Buy With Credit Card

The primary accepted payment method is credit, or debit card issued by Visa and Mastercard.

Fast & Secure

The entire process occurs within the secure confines of the KEYRING PRO wallet, ensuring both speed and safety.

Easy Access

Users can easily access the feature within KERYING PRO app.

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Choose a coin

Set an amount

Insert credit card info


Users can use Credit Card, or Debit Card that supported by Visa, or Master Card to purchase crypto.

The minimum amount that user can purchase is $50 USD for every transaction.

The maximum amount that user can purchase is $20,000 USD for every transaction.
The monthly cap for a user is $50,000 USD.
For transactions from $50 USD to $200 USD the fee is $10 + 5% transaction value.
For transactions from over $200 USD to $20,000 USD the fee is 10% transaction value.