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Pamp Da Coin- More Than Just a Meme

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies created for entertainment or speculative purposes, often characterized by humorous branding and lacking substantial utility.

Amidst the myriad of Meme Coins saturating the market, this article will delve into Pamp Da Coin: its essence and why it distinguishes itself amidst the sea of Meme Coins, positioning itself as the premier choice for the Meme community.

Meme Coins and Theirs Current State

Meme Coin

Recently, a unique subset of cryptocurrencies, dubbed meme coins, has emerged. These digital assets, characterized by humorous branding and unconventional marketing, have garnered significant attention in the crypto community.

They often parody or reflect the broader cryptocurrency landscape, utilizing internet memes and viral trends to attract interest. Enabled by blockchain platforms and smart contracts, they’re easily created by creators.

The Current State

Many Meme Coins flood the market, aiming to attract buyers and inflate prices. Their value is unpredictable, based solely on memes or luck rather than any real utility or valuation. They’re akin to lottery tickets, lacking genuine utility.

Pamp Da Coin meme state

However, if there’s a Meme Coin that also has high utility, allowing participation in various activities through applications developed by the community itself, it could stand out.

The Meme Coin being discussed here is Pamp Da Coin.

Pamp Da Coin

More Than Just a Meme Coin

Pamp Da Coin ($PAMP), embodies a seamless integration of meme culture and gaming, drawing inspiration from the widely adored Biaoqing Panda‘ meme, a favorite among millions across Asia.

Their mission, both simple and ambitious, aims to generously reward users while offering boundless entertainment through an innovative gaming platform.

Diverging from traditional models, their games are not crafted solely for profit. Instead, they meticulously engineer them to gradually decrease token circulation over time. This deliberate strategy ensures the token’s sustained market value while encouraging holders to navigate the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape with a steady hand.


The team is very transparency about their project as they give us the details of the $PAMP Tokenomics:

Pamp Da Coin tokenomics

The Pamp Da Coin team is dedicated to their community. They promise not to keep any tokens for themselves before other buyers, so there’s no risk of them suddenly selling off a bunch of tokens they already owned, which could cause a price crash.

As for the missing 20% of the initial supply, which was 80%, the Pamp Da Coin team shows transparency by laying out a clear plan for how those tokens will be allocated.

Pamp Da Coin token allocation

  • 57.15% of the tokens will be distributed through a fair launch.
  • 22.85% will be allocated to DEX Liquidity.
  • The remaining 20%, which you’re curious about, is designated for the App Incentive Fund.

But what exactly is the App Incentive Fund?

This fund is set aside to reward activities on the Pamp Da Coin platform. Importantly, it will be locked in a third-party contract, ensuring that the team cannot access these tokens, in line with their commitment.

So, what kind of applications and “games” will be available on Pamp Da Coin? Let’s delve into that in the next section.

PAMP – the token for all

The Pamp Da Coin team has developed an engaging game called the Dice Game.

In this game, there’s a ‘Pot’ where all players contribute, along with funds from the app’s incentive fund.

Each round of the game lasts for 6 minutes. Players are required to bet at least 5,000 $PAMP. They then predict whether the outcome of three dice rolls will be “High” (totaling 11 to 18 points) or “Low” (totaling 3 to 10 points). The outcome is determined by an external Oracle (Chainlink).

Pamp Da Coin Pot explain 2.0

Here’s how the game works:

  • The Pot consists of all the $PAMP tokens bet by players plus the App Incentive Fund.

Note: The App Incentive Fund (Fund) is a fixed amount and remains the same for every round. This means that even if no one joins the round, the Pot will still contain the App Incentive Fund.

Now, let’s talk about the prizes.

  • The Winners:

Winners receive: 100% refund of their initial bet + [(80% of the total $PAMP tokens bet by losers plus the Fund)/ The number of winners]

  • The Losers:

For every winner, there’s a loser. Losers in the Dice game lose all the $PAMP tokens they bet.

  • The Burn system:

The burning feature is crucial as it directly impacts the price of $PAMP tokens.

Since the Pot always includes the Fund after each round, if you’re the only one participating in a round and win, you’ll receive 80% of the Pot volume, which in this case is 80% of the Fund.

This implies that with each round where there’s a winner, the token supply increases. According to basic supply and demand economics, this increase in supply could lead to a decrease in the value of $PAMP tokens.

To maintain the value of $PAMP tokens, the token supply needs to decrease, and the $PAMP team achieves this through “BURN.” By burning a portion of tokens after each transaction or using part of the Pot prize, the total token supply in the market decreases, thereby potentially increasing or stabilizing the token’s value.

In the case of the Dice game specifically, 18% of the total $PAMP tokens bet by losers plus the Fund will be burnt, and an additional 2% will be used to cover on-chain gas fees.

Additionally, in the case where no one participates in a round of the Dice game, the Fund still contributes to the Pot. In this scenario, 20% of this Fund is still burned. In the next round, the Fund amount is replenished to its original fixed value.

This means that even if no one plays, PAMP tokens will still be burned, and the prize pool in the Pot won’t accumulate over time.

Pamp Da Coin Dice game result collect reward

The Dice game offers a fun and straightforward gameplay experience, making it easy to enjoy. It’s also a potential avenue to boost your holdings of $PAMP tokens quickly. But remember, like any game of chance, there are both winning and losing moments, so it’s important to participate responsibly.

However, there’s a crucial note: to participate in the Dice Game, you must mint at least one NFT. But which NFT do you need, and where can you mint it?

All of that will be explained in the next section.

The Meme Community

The next feature poised to establish Pamp Da Coin as the go-to currency for the meme community is the Meme Generator tool!

Memes have become an integral part of the internet, fostering a vast and vibrant community of Meme enthusiasts through their creation and sharing. Recognizing this phenomenon, the Pamp Da Coin team enables their users to craft Memes and transform them into whimsical NFTs.

The range of Memes users can create is diverse, spanning from project-themed Biaoqing memes to legendary ones known by millions. And they will continue to update with new Memes to serve the Meme community.

All you need is 1 $PAMP. That’s right, with just 1 $PAMP token, you can unleash your creativity and mint your own cherished Meme.

Pamp da coin meme generator

As mentioned earlier, when users create memes using the Meme Generator on the Pamp Da Coin website, they can mint them into NFTs at an incredibly low minting price of just 1 $PAMP. Additionally, you have the option to list your meme NFTs on OpenSea, giving you full control over the buying and selling transactions.

Pamp Da Coin listed on Opensea

Pamp Da Wallet Airdrop

The Pamp Da Coin team is extremely confident in the success of this project, which is why they have partnered with BACOOR, the company behind the successful KEYRING PRO Wallet, KEYRING Hard Wallet, and KEYRING PiGET Card. With their extensive experience in the crypto wallet industry, this collaboration promises to deliver an eagerly awaited product.

Furthermore, Pamp Da Wallet has confirmed an airdrop on June 6, 2024. The top 300 holders of $PAMP will receive Pamp Da Wallet NFTs, which can be exchanged for KEYRING PiGET cards. The process of exchanging and receiving these cards is entirely free of charge.

Pamp Da Coin wallet airdrop

To stay updated on this exciting project, follow their X (formerly Twitter) and join their Telegram channel for regular updates.




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