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Unlock 3 Big Airdrops - Monad, Movement Labs, GM Network thumb

Unlock 3 Big Airdrops – Monad, Movement Labs, GM Network.

In the current volatile crypto market, it’s challenging to discern the truly promising airdrop projects amidst the vast jungle of available options.

Acknowledging this, we’ve meticulously researched and compiled 3 exceptionally promising airdrop opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

Discover them in this article!

Criteria for Selecting Airdrops

What makes a potential airdrop opportunity? We search for airdrop opportunities to share with our readers, not based on mere feelings, but we have our own set of standards. Let’s take a look at our criteria, which we believe you will agree with.

  • Confirmed Airdrop: This criterion is placed first because no one wants to farm for airdrops without knowing whether they will actually receive one or not.
  • Significant Backers: Projects that have many reputable backers and have raised substantial funds tend to have higher credibility and offer larger airdrop quantities (logically speaking).
  • Ease of Execution: It’s quite common for a person to participate in more than one airdrop, even farming several projects simultaneously. Therefore, if the airdrop process is simple, it can be considered a significant plus.
  • Low Cost: Cost can be seen as the biggest barrier for many when executing airdrops, as it’s uncertain how much one will receive in return and whether it will be profitable compared to the initial investment. Hence, airdrops with low costs are more accessible to the majority of users.

Based on the above criteria, we research and compile them to share with you.

However, there are a few notes that apply to all airdrop opportunities:

  • To receive more airdrops, one must diligently farm.
  • Follow project information from the project’s official channels to avoid scams or missing announcements, as many airdrops only offer a limited time to claim rewards.
  • Accept all risks: Participating in airdrops can be one of the safest ways to earn money in the volatile crypto market, but nothing is completely risk-free. There are highly potential airdrops that still end up being rug pulls by the development team. Therefore, if you end up farming an airdrop and don’t receive anything, don’t be too upset.
  • Receiving airdrops typically takes quite some time, ranging from 6 to 12 months or even longer. Therefore, it’s essential not to be too impatient and to stay diligent in your efforts.

Monad Airdrop

The name Monad has emerged as one of the most attention-grabbing entities in 2024, securing an impressive fundraising round of $225 million from major funds like Paradigm and Coinbase Ventures.

monad airdrop fund raised

Monad is a parallelized layer 1 project for Ethereum. To put it simply, Monad is a blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum, possessing all the features and decentralized applications (dApps) of the Ethereum network, yet it boasts significantly faster transaction speeds and lower costs.

Monad aims to address the inherent issues of Ethereum, and potentially other layer 1 blockchains, which include slow transaction speeds and high fees.

Participating in the Monad Airdrop is cost-free. Engaging with the Monad project doesn’t require money, but it does demand an investment of time. Currently, the project is focused on building a strong community, so to earn airdrops, one must be an active participant on the project’s Discord channel.

The amount of airdrop that participants receive will depend on their Discord role, which is an interesting concept as these “Roles” cannot be bought but must be “earned” through interaction on Discord.

There are no specific standards, such as a certain number of posts or interactions required for a role upgrade. The only way is to actively engage, consistently and over time, and then, one beautiful day, you will receive a new role.

Below is a list of roles and instructions on how to achieve them.

Monad airdrop roles safe

It’s a simple bet to undertake with zero cost, but it requires your time and dedication. Participants really need to contribute to building the community on Discord to receive the corresponding role.

You can also follow their X(Twitter) or join their telegram for more updates

Movement Labs Airdrop

The next name on this list is Movement Labs. Similar to Monad mentioned earlier, this is a Layer-1 project, and its airdrop criteria also revolve around community development, supporting the project to build a strong user base.

The project also boasts powerful backers such as Polychain and OKX Ventures and has raised up to 38 million dollars in its Series A funding round. With a Series A completed, there’s a likelihood of subsequent Series B, C, etc., which would further increase the project’s capital.

movement labs airdrop fund raised

The Movement Labs airdrop operates similarly to Monad’s, where you are required to acquire roles within the project’s Discord server. However, instead of referring to them as roles, they are divided into various Guilds, each tasked with a specific role:

  • Scholars: To obtain this role, you need to learn about the project’s “Move” programming language and then become “scholars” who share and guide anyone interested in the Move language on Discord.
  • Explorers: These are individuals responsible for sharing, creating posts, or hosting calls on X or Discord, with the goal of spreading awareness of Movement Labs to more people.
  • Pathfinders: This guild’s mission is to support the community on Discord, answering questions from others.
  • Creators: They create content for Movement Labs, such as making memes or writing articles related to the project.
  • Curators: Acting like librarians, curators are tasked with efficiently organizing and compiling content contributed by the community.

movement labs airdrop guild

The project is currently in the testnet phase, so there are plenty of opportunities for you. More on that, you can also join their telegram channel, and follow their X (Twitter) for more info and update.

GM Network Airdrop

The final name in this article is GM Network. This time, it’s a layer 2 project. The project focuses on the AI sector, which is predicted to dominate the crypto market in the near future.

The project is supported by two significant names that have recently emerged: AltLayer and Eigen Layer. At the time of writing this article, GM Network has not disclosed how much funding it has raised or who the backers are. However, based on several “confidential” sources, we believe that the project’s backers are quite substantial.

The project has launched the “Mission Season 1: Dawn Breakers” program, which started on May 10, 2024, and will end on June 10, 2024. So, if you’re reading this before June 10, you still have time to complete it.

The tasks in this program are incredibly simple, and you’ll spend at most 15-30 minutes to finish them all without any cost. Completing each task will earn you a certain amount of “GN” points.

gm network tasks done

“GN” points are rewards you receive for completing tasks in the program, which you can later exchange for “GM” tokens—the official tokens of the project—once they are launched. Pretty straightforward, right? The more GN points you have, the more GM tokens you can get.

As this is a kickoff program for the project, the tasks involve interacting with the project’s social media accounts, such as following an account, retweeting, liking a tweet, subscribing to YouTube, etc.

However, the two tasks with the highest points are quizzes about your understanding of the project. Of course, we encourage you to take the time to read and learn about this project, as it will benefit your investment decisions in the future if you choose to invest. But for those who want a quick solution, the answers will be provided below.

  1. Visit the project’s Launchpad page. You can enter the referral code (optional): W2K3PR.
  2. Connect your wallet. The project is on the Ethereum network, so you’ll need an Ethereum wallet. Currently, all operations are free, so you don’t need to have $ETH in your account, but it might be beneficial to have some for future transactions.
  3. After connecting, the project will prompt you to create a GM AI Agent. Think of this as creating an avatar for yourself to interact with GM. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll find the process quite straightforward.
  4. Once you have your Agent, you can proceed to check in daily. The daily check-in is a way to increase your GN points after completing the fixed tasks, so remember to check in every day.
  5. Scroll down and carry out the tasks of the program. Some tasks will redirect you to another page of the project, and upon completion, you may receive an NFT confirming you’re whitelisted for completing that task. Note that receiving the NFT is optional, it’s on the BSC chain, and there will be a small fee, so you’ll need a BSC chain wallet with a little BNB to cover the fee.

Đối với 2 tasks quizzes đây là đáp án của chúng:

  • Quiz about GM Mission: Answer as follow: B, D, D, A, A, C

gm network quiz GM mission with answers

  • Quiz about GM Network: Answer as follow: B, A, C, D, D

gm network quiz GM network with answers

You can follow their X(Twitter), Discord and Telegram for more updates.

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