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KEYRING PRO Wallet Update 3.3.0

The KEYRING PRO Wallet has just rolled out its latest update, version 3.3.0. Join us as we uncover the dynamic changes introduced in this thrilling update in the article below.

Coin search

Search your coin

Introducing the star of this update: The Coin Search feature! This feature allows users to easily find tokens on the desired blockchain, greatly enhancing asset management capabilities.

Users can search for their desired token on the chain, enabling them to track its price, market fluctuations, Market Cap, and 24-hour trading volume.

Top Performers

Upon activating the search function, users will instantly see the top 3 tokens with the highest increase in value within the past 15 minutes on the selected chain. These tokens will dynamically change based on your chosen blockchain.

This feature greatly assists users in keeping track of the market trends, especially the list will get updated every 15 minutes.

Moreover, it conveniently stores recent searches in the “Browsing History,” enabling users to swiftly access information about the tokens they’re interested in.

KEYRING PRO Wallet top gainer

Learn information about the token.

We’ve also introduced a feature that allows users to access detailed information about the token, including:

  • Token ranking on the blockchain
  • Price fluctuations
  • Categories
  • Token contract
  • Website
  • Market Cap
  • 24-hour Volume
  • Largest pool liquidity

KEYRING PRO 3.3.0 token information

This update can be seen as incredibly useful, enabling users of the KEYRING PRO Wallet to track market fluctuations effectively.

Moreover, users can directly exchange tokens. Let’s delve deeper into this feature in the next section.

Exchange token

Yes, now users of KEYRING PRO Wallet can easily swap or bridge between different types of tokens quickly and effortlessly.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the Blockchain.
  2. Find and select the token you’re interested in.
  3. Choose “Buy.”
  4. Select the wallet address you want to use for token exchange (*).
  5. Enter the amount of assets you want to convert and complete the transaction.

(*) This wallet address must contain assets to enable token exchange. If you select the same chain, it’s simply swapping from one token to another. If you choose a different chain, you’re bridging tokens from one chain to another.

New Default Chains

In our previous update, we added Solana chain to give users more options to easily create wallets for their favorite blockchain. However, it seems like many users missed the memo!

So, we’ve thrown Solana into the mix, along with Base and Linea, on the list of default chains in the app. Now users can spot them right away when creating a wallet. Voilà!

More Exchange

Solana, Base, and Linea have not only become default chains on KEYRING PRO Wallet but have also joined the KEYRING Exchange. This integration allows users to execute exchanges directly on these chains, offering new trading opportunities and portfolio expansion.

With their inclusion, users can enjoy faster transactions, robust infrastructure, and innovative features, making their crypto journey more exciting and rewarding.

QOL Improvement.

We always listen to our users and strive to deliver the best experiences possible. In our current version 3.3.0, we have significantly improved the UI to make it easier for users to understand, recognize, and utilize the product’s features.

Furthermore, we have also enhanced and fixed several bugs to ensure a smoother and more comfortable user experience.

Download KEYRING PRO Wallet now and dive into the exciting world of cryptocurrency today!