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Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch thumb

Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch. Meme Power Unleashed!

Pamp Da Coin is a meme coin project with many ambitions and is very noteworthy, having just conducted the Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch. Let’s take a look at this project and why this fairlaunch event is a very wise decision by the Pamp Da Coin team.

Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch

A Commitment to the Community

The Pamp Da Coin development team has poured their heart and soul into the project, and they want to showcase their dedication to transparency and clarity. They affirm their commitment to the community by ensuring that there are no pre-allocated airdrops or token holdings for the development team that could lead to a token dump.

This is achieved through a fairlaunch approach.

A fairlaunch signifies that all participants have the same chance to acquire the $PAMP token simultaneously and at a uniform price.

You can join the Pamp Da Coin fairlaunch by staking ETH on the Arbitrum network into the total pool. After the fairlaunch concludes, the value of the $PAMP token will be based on the total ETH in the pool for pricing, and then it will be distributed to the participants’ wallets depending on the amount of ETH they initially staked.

Pamp Da Coin has officially initiated the first phase of the project through a fairlaunch on Pinksale.

The fairlaunch period is set from May 15, 2024, at 03:00 UTC to May 22, 2024, at 03:00 UTC.

Right from the start of the fairlaunch, the $PAMP token instantly became a trend on Pinksale and achieved 40% of the SoftCap in just a few hours.

However, there’s no need to worry, as that is only the SoftCap and there is no limit to the amount of ETH you can stack in the pool, so you still have the opportunity to participate before the time runs out. Don’t miss your chance.

Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch

The team is also very transparent in disclosing information about the token. For this fair launch:

  • Total $PAMP supply: 999,289,999,998.506 $PAMP
  • Tokens allocated for this fair launch: 534,999,999,999 $PAMP
  • The SoftCap is 5 ETH, but the number of tokens that can be purchased may well exceed this threshold.

Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch token info

Why Fairlaunch?

The fairlaunch by Pamp Da Coin is a testament to the project’s name, offering a way for everyone to participate in the token purchase. The opportunity is the same for all. Through this fairlaunch, the Pamp Da Coin team has reaffirmed to their community that:

  • The community is the top priority of the project. Everyone has an equal chance to purchase.
  • No one from the team or investors has the right to buy tokens in advance. This has been verified in the contract audit.
  • There are no airdrops for the team or investors; everyone must purchase tokens at the same price, at the same time.
  • Their project is decentralized, and together with the community, they will work hand in hand to further develop the project.

With this fairlaunch activity, the Pamp Da Coin team has shown their commitment to the project, ensuring that the development team does not hold any coins before launch, eliminating the possibility of a coin dump as soon as the token is listed on exchanges.

After the fairlaunch concludes on May 22, 2024, at 03:00 UTC, the total supply of $PAMP will be distributed based on the total amount of ETH put into the pool, and then tokens will be allocated to those users who participated in the fairlaunch according to the amount of ETH they contributed.

Pamp Da Coin

What is Pamp Da Coin?

Pamp Da Coin represents an innovative blend of meme culture and interactive gaming, born from the viral sensation of the ‘Biaoqing Panda’ meme that has captivated millions throughout Asia.

The project’s goal is both straightforward and bold: to bestow substantial rewards upon its users while simultaneously offering a source of continuous amusement via a cutting-edge gaming platform.

Setting itself apart from conventional models, Pamp Da Coin prioritizes the interests of its community. The games are not designed for profit maximization but are instead crafted with the intent to incrementally decrease the circulation of tokens.

This strategic method not only preserves the token’s market value over the long term but also promotes a stable investment mindset among its holders, navigating the dynamic terrain of the cryptocurrency world.

Project Transparency

Contract Audit

The Pamp Da Coin team has demonstrated their commitment to transparency, not just in words but through actions, by conducting a thorough contract audit and project KYC.

The project has completed a contract audit of the $PAMP token to ensure that they cannot engage in any actions that would be detrimental to their community. The audit partner for Pamp Da Coin is Cyberscope, a reputable audit team recognized with numerous awards in cybersecurity.

Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch audit

KYC Verification

Moving forward, the team has also completed a KYC verification to further enhance the project’s credibility. The KYC partner for the project is Pinksale, a name well-known among crypto users. Pinksale is renowned for conducting fairlaunch and presale programs for numerous projects.

The KYC certification from Pinksale is a highly influential and trusted endorsement within the crypto community.

Pamp Da Coin Fairlaunch kyc pinksale

Pamp Da Wallet

The Pamp Da Coin team has partnered with the KEYRING PRO Wallet team to introduce the Pamp Da Wallet.

Pamp Da Wallet is a physical cold wallet, akin to KEYRING’s Hard Wallet or PiGET Wallet products. With KEYRING’s extensive experience in the crypto wallet domain, Pamp Da Wallet is set to be a high-quality product boasting a suite of extremely useful features for users.

Pamp Da Wallet full

To acquire a Pamp Da Wallet, you must be among the top 300 owners of $PAMP by June 6, 2024, which is also the official launch date of Pamp Da Wallet. The top 300 $PAMP owners will receive a Pamp Da Wallet for free. There are only 300 wallets available, and aside from being in the top 300, there is no other way to obtain a Pamp Da Wallet.

For more detailed information about Pamp Da Wallet, please visit the official Pamp Da Coin website.



Fairlaunch Pamp Da Coin (Meme Coin)
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