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KEYRING PRO Wallet 3.5.0 Update

The KEYRING PRO Wallet has recently launched its 3.4.0 update, introducing the Liquidity Management feature. For a more detailed understanding of this feature, please refer to the article on the 3.4.0 update.

>> KEYRING PRO Wallet 3.4.0 Update – KEYRING PRO <<

Let’s explore the enhancements and new features introduced in the KEYRING PRO Wallet 3.5.0 Update.

KEYRING PRO Wallet 3.5.0 Update

Manage Request

We’ve recognized that exchanging NFTs through the KEYRING PRO Wallet can sometimes pose challenges for users, as it requires navigating through the KEYRING NFT Viewer page, and users are unable to verify information one last time before confirming the transaction in the app.

In this update, we’re introducing an enhancement to the user experience in sending and receiving NFTs called “Manage request.”

Although the KEYRING PRO Wallet does not have the functionality to view and exchange NFTs directly within the wallet, it integrates an NFT Viewer feature on the KEYRING NFT Viewer page. Therefore, NFT transactions are facilitated through this page.

With the 3.5.0 update, now when you send an NFT through the KEYRING NFT Viewer, instead of just receiving a transaction confirmation notification as in previous versions, you can view the transaction details to double-check the transaction information. The information you can review includes:

  • Transaction fees
  • Sending and receiving wallet addresses
  • Function
  • Hex
  • Decode Input Data

These are all incredibly useful pieces of information that will help users better control and manage their transactions, minimizing potential errors.


Upgrades for transactions on the Solana chain.

Although the Solana network was added to the KEYRING PRO Wallet in version 3.2.0 at the end of January 2024, it is theoretically still the newest chain supported by the KEYRING PRO Wallet. Consequently, it’s not surprising that some features were not yet fully optimized.

In this latest update, we have improved the send and exchange functions.

Previously, transactions on the Solana chain did not allow for the adjustment of priority fees—meaning users could not increase the gas fee to expedite their transactions. Now, users have the ability to do so, which will speed up transaction times and significantly reduce the likelihood of transaction failures due to excessive processing time.

Recent Upgrades Overview

Recently, we have listened to feedback from the community and added features to enhance user experience. Let’s take a look back at some recent important updates.

3.2.0 Update: 

This marks our first major update, where the KEYRING PRO team has added the Solana chain as one of the networks where users can create wallet addresses.

At this moment, the Solana network was becoming one of the strongest in terms of transaction volume. It’s clear that our users also desired the inclusion of the Solana chain in the KEYRING PRO Wallet. We’ve promptly made this a reality, always striving to cater to our users’ needs in the best way possible.

More detail about the 3.2.0 update

3.3.0 Update:

This update introduces incredibly useful features for exchanging and monitoring market fluctuations, always prioritizing our users’ needs.

It includes a new functionality that allows users to view the top coins being traded on major chains, and also enables users to freely exchange tokens directly within the wallet. This not only saves a significant amount of time but also enhances the convenience of using the wallet.

Additionally, there are several other improvements and adjustments. You can find more details about them in the article on the 3.3.0 update.

3.4.0 Update:

With this update, we have introduced a Liquidity Management feature that enables users to easily monitor their liquidity pool pairs added on platforms like Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Detailed instructions on how to add and track liquidity pools are provided here.


At KEYRING PRO Wallet, our team is dedicated to our users, committed to delivering only the best products.

Download or update your KEYRING PRO Wallet now to experience the finest features available.



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