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Sudan Crypto Wallet

Sudan Crypto Wallet

Mobile Sudan Crypto Wallet

Sudan Crypto Wallet


KEYRING PRO is a multichain crypto wallet, designed for professional crypto users as a complete package. If you are seeking for a Sudan crypto wallet, this app is a perfect one.

It facilitates the popular infrastructure of Wallet Connect, which allows users to promptly sign in any Dapps that support Wallet Connect.

The wallet is now available on iOS, Android, APK, Huawei, and Mac M1.


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The app is the first mobile crypto wallet to fully support EVM chains. In short, it takes less than 01 minute to add RPC of any chains from mainnet to testnet.

Once added RPC, users can use KEYRING PRO to connect to the newly added chain and manage assets on that particular one. The step of adding RPC is only needed once at the first attempt to connect to a chain.


There is no limit on adding new chains or wallets. Most popular chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, etc. are natively supported on this Sudan crypto wallet.

In the process of connecting wallet, users only need to scan a QR with KEYRING PRO to access any Dapps on any browsers (Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.), any devices (Desktop, Smart TV, Tablet, etc.) simultaneously and manage authorization with one trusted mobile device.

Adding custom token on EVM chain is another cool feature of the app, which widens user’s accessibility to new tokens.

? Learn more about KEYRING PRO in the section below


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Trust Wallet

With most crypto OGs, Trust Wallet might be familiar brand, represents a simple typical wallet in managing digital assets.

It supports a wide-range of assests from Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB to ERC-20, BEP-20 tokens, etc.

The wallet is quite reliable in managing crypto assets across different EVM chains due to its simplicity.


trust wallet

On its Android version, Trust Wallet provides a built-in browser for users to quickly access Dapps. However, the built-in browser is only available on its Android version, not yet on the iOS one.

Apart from the mentioned features, since Trust Wallet stereotype is a classic one, the feature of adding RPC has not been included in the app, which narrows down its accessibility to certain chains, especially as a Sudan crypto wallet.


HB Wallet

HB Wallet is another product developed by Bacoor company in early 2017. It was known as the most popular Ethereum Wallet in Japan in late 2018.

The wallet mostly focuses on supporting Ethereum, ERC-20 token, and NFT.


Users can easily find a built-in chat feature within HB Wallet with over 50,000 subscribers on the main HB Wallet community channel.

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Desktop Extension Wallet – Metamask

At this point, Metamask can be recognized as the most popular crypto wallet in the World.

It exists in the form of a browser extension on desktop for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Opera.



Anyone can easily install and connect wallet to Dapps once finished the process of setting up crypto wallet.

With Metamask, users can manage most assets on EVM chains. Sadly, Bitcoin is not included in the list of supported crypto on Metamask.


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Hardware Sudan Crypto Wallet


Ledger Wallet technically encrypts one’s private key and stores it offline.

This method somewhat puts its contents off-grid, away from the fast-paced crypto industry, so-called ‘cold wallet’.


Ledger Sudan Crypto Wallet

Once activated, the hardware part is essential in making transactions. Specifically, users need to plug in Ledger Wallet on a desktop then click a built-in physical button to authorize a transactions.

It ensures the highest security for users, but sacrifices its convenience on the other hand.

In Africa, it would be tough to get a Ledger due to its cost and accessibility, which explains why the wallet is not a popular Sudan crypto wallet.


NFC Keycard


NFC Keycard is another amazing feature of KEYRING PRO.

It encrypts user’s private key to an NFC card (NTAG213 or NTAG 215) which can be purchased easily from any ecommerce sites as low as $1 USD.

This add in an extra layer of protection for users on the wallet. Once activated, the NFC card will be the key to authorize transactions on KEYRING PRO.

The process of approving transactions is just as simple as a tap on the back of user’s mobile device.

It also plays the role of a wallet backup key. You can restore imported wallets by inserting a JSON file that corresponds with your NFC card, then type in your custom PIN to confirm.


KEYRING PRO – One true Sudan Crypto Wallet

Join Any EVM Chains – Add RPC, Custom Token

Technically, any EVM chains that come with RPC parameters can be added manually to KEYRING PRO. This opens up a free gateway to the crypto space with full accessiblity on one trusted device.

In other words, the app removes the risks of missing out lifetime opportunities. By using KEYRING PRO, you can be those first ones to experience new chains, join airdrop campaigns, purchase new tokens at a floor price, etc.

add rpc on keyring pro app

The wallet also supports users to add any tokens on those EVM chains by inserting token smart contract address, which expands wallet capacity to an infinite level.

For instance, visit our article to join ZKsync airdrop campaign.



Manage Everything In One Place

KEYRING PRO is designed as a wallet hub that gathers all imported wallets accross different chains to one place.

This method creates a comprehensive overview in the process of managing assets for users.

Imported wallets that come with the same Private Key will appear in the same color.

Total holding value will appear on top of the home screen with holding details show up once tapped.


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Buy Crypto with Credit Card

‘Buy Crypto’ is another cool feature of KEYRING PRO. Users can purchase most popular cryptocurrencies right on the app with a credit card.

Purchased assets will be sent directly to user’s wallets in less than 30 minutes.

To start the process, just choose a corresponding wallet, then click ‘Buy’.

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KEYRING SWAP and Much More

KEYRING SWAP is a dedicated DEX of KEYRING PRO. In fact, it operates similarly to a DEX aggregator which sort out the best exchange rate among different DEXs.

For large orders, it generates a copious source of liquidity that efficiently reduces price slippage.

To access KEYRING SWAP, go to


>> Learn more about KEYRING PRO on our homepage.


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