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The ultimate Web3 wallet for professionals with adequate solutions executed in a secure and reliable environment.

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Highly Secure
Multichain Wallet

KEYRING PRO offers an essential package for professionals to manage and trade digital assets across the multichain efficiently.

Support Bitcoin and all EVM chains

Best Rate Swap (DEX Aggregator)

Multichain Bridge

Buy crypto with credit card

Secure & Reliable

Protect asset ownership with different layers of security, including PIN code, biometric locks, backup file, and hardware as NFC Keycard.


NFC Compatible

Extract wallet authorization to an NTAG215 NFC physical card, allowing asset owners to actually hold the key to their wallets.

EVM chains

Custom RPC

Support users to instantly add RPC of custom EVM chains for Dapp interactivity and asset management from mainnet to testnet.

Systematic Management

Manage all assets and wallets on all parts of the multichain systematically from one single device with synchronous real-time market data.

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Self-Custody Is Key Not your key, not your coin.You're the owner.Trust no one, but yourself.

not your key not your coin

Blockchain innovation has gained tremendous public attention in recent years. Sadly, many newcomers have no idea how to get started, making most of them unintentionally ignore the importance of asset ownership.

In fact, asset ownership is the major aspect of this technology. It refers to the rights of an individual, or entity to own and control an asset. In traditional business models, asset ownership is often controlled by a central authority such as a bank or government agency. However, with blockchain technology, asset ownership is decentralized and controlled by the individual or entity that owns the Private Key.

Decentralization redefines the whole concept of ownership by eliminating the middle man and granting owners full access as well as authorization over their assets with one single Private Key. This means users must be the owners of their Private Keys. If the key belongs to someone else or another party, it will be their assets to be used instead.

Not your key, not your coin.


Solid Security

Provide a full set of protection from PIN code, biometrics locks, encrypted backup to hardware combination on top of NTAG215 NFC Keycard.



Swap from one asset to another on two different chains seamlessly with ready liquidity locked on Smart Contract.


Sort out the best exchange rate among multiple DEXs in real time, aming to maximize profit and lower price slippage for professional traders.


Buy Crypto

Buy Crypto quickly with credit card up to 20,000 USD per month and receive directly in your wallet.

Multichain Wallet

Manage all assets in the multichain systematically on a highly secure interface.


NFC Keycard

Extract wallet authorization to a physical NFTAG215 NFC Keycard for an extra layer of security.

Custom RPC

Add any EVM chains and manage assets instantly

Custom-RPC img

Getting Started

how to send crypto

Send Crypto

1. On the homescreen, tap wallet balance
2. Choose an asset to send
3. Tap on the address section
4. Choose 'Send'
5. Insert your PIN
6. Insert address, token amount
7. Tap 'Send'


Connect Wallet (Desktop)

1. On Dapp, click ‘Connect Wallet’
2. Choose Wallet Connect
4. Tap the button with Wallet Connect logo
5. Scan the QR on Dapp
6. Choose wallet, tap ‘Connect’


Connect Wallet (Mobile)

1. On Dapp, click ‘Connect Wallet’
2. Choose Wallet Connect
3. Choose KEYRING PRO on the popup
4. Choose wallet, tap ‘Connect’


Back Up Wallet

1. On the homescreen, tap menu
2. Choose 'Create Backup File'
3. Agree with the terms
4. Set your password
5. Save the file'


Import Wallet

1. On the homescreen, tap the '+' icon
2. Choose import account
3. Choose 'To this device' or 'NFC Keycard'
4. Insert your Private Key, choose your chains
5. Tap 'Import'


Create New Wallet

1. On the homescreen, tap the '+' icon
2. Choose 'Create Account'
3. Choose your chains
4. Tap 'Create'


Same Address Account

1. On the homescreen, choose an account
2. Choose 'Use this address with other chains'
3. Choose new chains
4. Tap 'Create'

Logo Bacoor

About us

Started in Japan by early 2017, Bacoor has provided hundreds of successful blockchain-based solutions for enterprises. Those turn tradittional businesses into pioneers in the Web3 space, embracing user's freedom, privacy, and network efficiency.

We believe Smart Contract is still in its early phase, where it catches up with the traditional market and starts replacing outdated infrastructure.

Soon, the era of Blockchain, AI, and VR will be here, changing our perspectives about the World and how it operates inevitably as the next phase of innovation.



Buy Crypto


NFC Keycard

Custom RPC



EVM Compatible