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Heroes of Mavia: Another GameFi Powerhouse Rising to Prominence in 2024

Heroes of Mavia – a game developed by Skrice Studios and led by Binance Labs in the Seed round of investment.

Could Heroes of Mavia have the potential to become a phenomenon in the GameFi scene of 2024? Let’s find out more below.

Hero of Mavia.

Heroes of Mavia is a multiplayer strategy game where players can construct bases and assemble armies on a mystical island called Mavia. In this fantasy world, each player becomes the commander of a base with the goal of developing their stronghold and bolstering their army.

Players can buy, rent, or collaborate with landowners to purchase and build bases in the game, earning more rewards when battling increasingly challenging bases built by other players from around the world.

Why should you play Heroes of Mavia?

2024 marks the highly anticipated season of blockchain upgrades that many have been eagerly awaiting. This sentiment is further reinforced by the simultaneous pump-up of Bitcoin and numerous other tokens. During this season, a plethora of projects are set to be launched.

Among them, GameFi stands out as a sector expected to experience explosive growth, with a slew of major projects being unveiled.

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Leading the charge for the GameFi season is the launch of $RON, the native token of RONIN Network. Renowned for its specialization in blockchain gaming, RONIN Network is the driving force behind the success of Axie Infinity, listed on Binance exchange.

Heroes of Mavia - $RON listed on Binance

Heroes of Mavia emerges as a highly regarded contender due to its gameplay reminiscent of Clash of Clans, a game that has dominated the mobile gaming market for a considerable period. However, the standout feature of Heroes of Mavia lies in its blockchain integration, meaning players have the opportunity to earn money from the game.

Let’s delve deeper into the game’s mechanics in the following content.

Core mechanic.


The game is built around three elements: Construction, Combat, and Trading, similar to Clash of Clans, all of which are done on a mobile platform.

Players will utilize the Base Builder tool to construct defense systems and manage their daily activities. Heroes of Mavia is a multiplayer game with the basic task of building a robust defensive line and attacking with the army system.

Important data in the game will be displayed as follows:

  • HQ Levels: Upgrade levels to have the opportunity to own better-quality armies and structures.
  • Engineer Status: The number of engineers represents the number of structures that can be built simultaneously.
  • Shield Timer: When the Shield Timer counts down, enemies can fully attack your house while you’re offline. Conversely, when the clock is still running, enemies cannot attack.
  • Resources: Oil and gold are the two main resources in the game for Heroes of Mavia, while $RUBY is the main token of Heroes of Mavia.
  • Battle button, armory, indicators, and settings: Player controls to initiate an attack, access their armory, and settings located at the bottom of the screen.

Heroes of Mavia - gameplay

Game rewards will be in the form of $RUBY tokens and NFTs.


In Heroes of Mavia, each landowner will possess a unique Land NFT, allowing them to construct their base and develop their army on it. No two land regions are alike, featuring various species, structural characteristics, and water types. Ultimately, there will be 100,000 Land NFTs, with some released periodically as the game progresses.

Land-owners can earn passive income even when offline by leasing or collaborating with other players. Renting out land can be done at any agreed-upon time and for a fixed amount of $MAVIA.

Basic partnership agreements do not require capital from players, but they must share a predetermined percentage of the earned $RUBY with the landowner. Thus, entry barriers may be free but will demand skills, time, and/or effort.

If a player leases a base, the lessee can use the land as they see fit, but the landowner will have the final decision to permanently retain any changes to the NFT.

Two-token System.

The game features a two-token system, with each token having its own distinct purpose:

  • $MAVIA: Governance Token (equity token).
  • $RUBY: In-game currency (in-game currency token).

Heroes of Mavia - MAVIA and RUBY


$MAVIA serve two primary functions:

  • Buy and sell NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Staking for rewards in the Heroes of Mavia vault.

Consequently, all value transactions will be conducted using $MAVIA, establishing it as the premier Marketplace Currency. Additionally, staking rewards will imbue the token with inherent value, encouraging players to retain their tokens within the game ecosystem rather than selling them off.


Ways to earn $RUBY:

  • Successful active raids — 50%+ damage.
  • Successful passive defenses — less than 33% damage.
  • Wagered Matches—specific winner-takes-all battles where both sides wage $RUBY.

Ways to spend $RUBY:

  • Upgrading NFTs in-game (Heroes, Statues & bases and land)
  • In-game microtransactions, to upgrade troops training speed, resource production, etc. (these have been proven to be a HUGE revenue source, especially in mobile games)

How $RUBY avoids the Utility Token Inflation Problem?

Thus far, none of these decisions have effectively tackled the fundamental challenge that utility tokens encounter: both SLP and THC have experienced significant inflationary trends, despite alterations and repeated community outcry (as seen in Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena, respectively).

Enter Skrice, the developers behind Heroes of Mavia, who have taken proactive steps to implement essential tokenomic mechanisms to counteract inflation.

Firstly, they’ve instituted a cap on the amount of $RUBY players can earn based on their base HQ level, with upgrades only possible using RUBY, thereby encouraging reinvestment.

Secondly, they’ve introduced a significant feature: a 10% bonus on $RUBY deposits and a -15% withdrawal fee. This strategy aims to motivate players to utilize RUBY within the game for activities like upgrading NFTs/HQ, betting, and microtransactions, while discouraging direct profit-taking with the 15% withdrawal fee.

Heroes of Mavia token ecosystem

Instead, players are encouraged to profit primarily from selling the NFTs they’ve invested their RUBY in, a strategy that is likely to be more lucrative.

Investors and Partners.


Heroes of Mavia has undergone two fundraising investment rounds, detailed as follows:

  • Seed round ($5.5M): Led by Binance Labs, alongside participation from Animoca Brands, HashKey Capital, Mechanism Capital, and more.
  • Strategic round ($2.5M): Led by, alongside participation from HashKey Capital and major Gaming Guilds in the current market such as Merit Circle, YGG Sea, GuildFi, Avocado.


One of the reasons why many people are confident that this game will become a booming project upon its launch is due to the notable partners supporting it. Some of the biggest names backing this project include Binance Labs,, GenBlock Capital, and many more.

Heroes of Mavia - partners 2

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