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Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. Will it be the savior for NFT games?

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is a PvP tactical RPG game on PC that uses blockchain and NFT technology to create a dark fantasy world with seven factions and mythical characters developed by Ubisoft.

The state of NFT Games

While NFT games have been hailed as revolutionary in the gaming realm, leveraging blockchain-driven ownership and earnings, recent events suggest a different narrative. An increasing number of NFT projects have fallen short of their promises.

As enticing as NFT games may seem, they come with inherent risks:

  • Scams: Certain NFT games have been initiated by fraudulent entities that entice investors with false assurances only to abscond with their funds—a tactic known as a “rug pull.” This deceitful practice has victimized numerous NFT projects like Frosties, Balloonsville, and Jacked Ape Club. Such scams can lead to substantial financial losses for investors, tarnishing the reputation of the entire NFT industry.
  • Counterfeits: Some NFT games thrive on duplicating or appropriating the artwork or intellectual property of other creators without proper authorization or acknowledgment. This not only sparks legal conflicts but also devalues the authenticity of the original NFTs. Instances include the cloning of the esteemed Bored Ape Yacht Club collection or the unauthorized use of images from renowned movies or video games.
  • Unfinished Projects: Several NFT games are launched prematurely, lacking full development or rigorous testing, thereby resulting in bugs, glitches, or an unsatisfactory user experience. In some cases, developers abandon their projects post fundraising, leaving investors with worthless or non-functional NFTs. For instance, certain NFT games have failed to meet their promised roadmaps or have remained un-updated for extended periods, disappointing users and investors alike.

The Giant is Approaching

In recent times, the widespread fascination with cryptocurrencies has captured attention across various industries, including gaming. Yet, established gaming giants have shown hesitancy in fully embracing NFT games due to community skepticism rooted in numerous scams and rug pulls.

However, undeterred by these challenges, Ubisoft courageously enters this innovative domain with Champions Tactics.

This pioneering venture represents the gaming powerhouse’s initiation into Web3 gaming, presenting a dark fantasy tactical role-playing game that seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge blockchain technology into an immersive gaming experience.

Ubisoft, a renowned gaming behemoth credited with iconic titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy’s series, stands as a testament to the gaming industry’s evolution. Their diverse portfolio and innovative approach have solidified their status as a powerhouse, significantly influencing and shaping interactive entertainment over the decades.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

Introducing Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles: A Fusion of Tactical RPG and Blockchain Innovation

Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles is a thrilling PvP tactical RPG game designed for PC enthusiasts, leveraging blockchain and NFT technology to craft an immersive dark fantasy universe. Inspired by iconic tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, this game introduces a contemporary twist by integrating cutting-edge blockchain elements.

Within this fantastical realm are seven distinct factions: The Empire, The Rebellion, The Order, The Chaos, The Nature, The Void, and The Balance. Each faction boasts its own captivating lore, visual aesthetics, and unique gameplay style, providing players with a diverse and immersive gaming experience.

The battles unfold on a hexagonal grid system, revolutionizing strategic maneuvering and positioning of the game’s formidable Champions. This grid-based combat system adds depth and complexity, allowing players to employ cunning tactics to secure victory.

Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles isn’t just about battling—it introduces competitive gameplay with a ranked mode. Here, players vie for honor and rewards in seasonal leaderboards, showcasing their strategic prowess and skill on the battlefield.

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Moreover, the game fosters a vibrant community through its social mode. Players can engage in lively discussions, trade valuable assets, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, enriching their experience within the Champions Tactics community.

A New Chapter Unfolds

In recent times, the gaming industry has been witnessing a surge of interest in cryptocurrencies, drawing attention from various sectors. Despite some hesitancy among established gaming giants regarding NFT games due to community skepticism and concerns around scams, Ubisoft is fearlessly venturing into this territory with Champions Tactics.

This pioneering move signifies the gaming powerhouse’s initiation into Web3 gaming, introducing a dark fantasy tactical role-playing game that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Champions Tactics’ NFT Integration

At the game’s core lies a groundbreaking integration with NFTs and blockchain technology. Developed meticulously, Champions Tactics operates on the Oasys blockchain—a tailored layer-2 solution designed for swift, cost-effective transactions, specifically catering to gaming and entertainment.

The game features two types of Ethereum-based NFTs: Warlords and Champions. Warlords serve as profile picture NFTs, enabling players to personalize their in-game profiles. Meanwhile, Champions are playable NFT characters, each possessing unique skills and abilities.

Notably, Warlords NFT collectors receive early access to acquire up to five Champions at no cost, adding an intriguing strategic edge to the gameplay.

Champions tactics NFT game champions

NFT Release Plans and Accessibility

Ubisoft plans to release a series of Warlords NFTs by the end of 2023. Interested users will only need to cover Ethereum network gas fees for minting, though participation eligibility may vary based on geographical restrictions. A complete list of eligible regions can be found on the Champions Tactics website, ensuring transparency and access.

Free minting events

Breaking news unveils Ubisoft’s announcement regarding the Warlords NFT release associated with Champions Tactics. Minting is set to begin on December 20, 2023, requiring users to cover Ethereum network gas fees.

Acquiring these Warlords NFTs not only grants early access to the game but also presents the exclusive opportunity to secure up to five Champions NFTs at no cost. However, it’s vital to note that while the Warlords NFTs are minted on Ethereum, the game itself will launch on a separate blockchain network known as Oasys.

Furthermore, to mint the free NFT, you must be on the list referred to as the “Darklist.” As of the time of writing, this list has reached its capacity and is now closed. However, there’s no need to worry. This project appears to be significant and attracting considerable attention, so there’s a high possibility of additional free minting events in the future.

One more thing to remember, there are some countries are not eligible for the game.

Champions tactics NFT game combat

The future for NFT game

Ubisoft’s venture into their inaugural NFT game holds more profound implications within the broader context of blockchain and the specific realm of NFTs than commonly perceived.

For Ubisoft, this signifies a pivotal stride as one of the major gaming industry players stepping into the NFT gaming market and exploring the realm of cryptocurrency.

In the enthusiastic NFT gaming community, this marks a positive turn. The entry of one of the world’s leading game developers into the NFT gaming domain is noteworthy, especially during a period when the market has shown few promising signs. Several projects, anticipated to thrive, have fallen short, causing a wave of uncertainty.

The undertaking by Ubisoft in NFT gaming carries substantial weight. Success in this endeavor would not just be a boost for the entire gaming industry but a critical milestone for NFT gaming. It could breathe new life into a struggling sector that has suffered setbacks due to projects focused solely on swift player profits followed by abrupt rug pulls.

Nevertheless, if the game falls short of expectations, it will cast a significant shadow over the NFT gaming landscape. Doubts about the stability of NFT games will be amplified. Moreover, a setback for a major player like Ubisoft could discourage other industry giants from venturing into NFT game development in the future.


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Champions tactics NFT game NFT Viewer

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