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Bybit’s Five-Year Jubilee Championship: Trade and Triumph!

Bybit, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange platform, is hosting its Five-Year Jubilee Championship event, and what a remarkable journey it has been! With over 19 million users, Bybit has become a household name in the realm of cryptocurrency trading.

Exploring Bybit: Your Gateway to the Crypto Universe

Bybit stands as a leading crypto platform, boasting over 2.6 million users across 200+ countries. Offering a diverse range of products like perpetual contracts, copy trading, and more, it’s a versatile hub for crypto enthusiasts.

With the Unified Trading Account (UTA), Bybit simplifies access to spot, derivatives, and options trading all in one place, streamlining your crypto experience. The platform’s strategic collaborations with projects like Shrapnel, Aurora AI, and Web3 present exciting opportunities for users.

Beyond its product offerings, Bybit values community engagement. The platform frequently hosts engaging events like the Five-Year Jubilee Championship, World Series of Trading (WSOT), and Lucky Draws, distributing substantial prizes and bonuses, fostering a vibrant community.

Bybit Five-Year Jubilee Championship: Celebrate Half a Decade of Trading Success

In gratitude for the five-year milestone and with heartfelt appreciation for our over 19 million users worldwide, Bybit expresses its thanks to users through the Jubilee Championship event.

The event’s details are as follows:

Activity 1: Explore Your Trading Persona

Event Duration: November 27, 2023, 10 AM UTC – December 23, 2023, 10 AM UTC


Delve into the exploration of your trading persona through an engaging personality test. Uncover your distinct trading style, receive customized product recommendations, gain a rewarding 10 USDT, and seize the opportunity to align with a trading team that reflects your trading personality.


  • Participants can bypass the personality test and directly join a team of their preference by achieving a minimum Derivatives trading volume (excluding USDC Options) of $30,000 between November 27, 2023, 10 AM UTC, and December 11, 2023, 10 AM UTC.
  • Once a participant joins a team, they are not permitted to switch teams thereafter.

Activity 2: Excel as a Team and Individually at the Pinnacle

Event Duration: December 4, 2023, 10 AM UTC – December 25, 2023, 10 AM UTC


Collaborate with your team:

Explore the dynamics of traders with similar personalities working cohesively. Undertake the personality test or accomplish a Derivatives trading volume (excluding USDC Options) of $30,000 between November 27, 2023, 10 AM UTC, and December 11, 2023, 10 AM UTC to create or join a team.

Boost your team’s trading volume to claim a portion of the 800,000 USDT prize pool.

Bybit Five Year Jubilee Championship event Team Leaderboard

Forge your path:

Enhance your individual trading acumen by elevating your Derivatives trading volume (excluding USDC Options) to ascend the Individual Leaderboard and unlock exclusive prizes.

Bybit Five Year Jubilee Championship event individual Leaderboard


  • Real-time rankings will be based on realized trading volume, refreshed every five (5) minutes. Daily final rankings will depend on the total trading volume by the end of the day (UTC).
  • Rewards will be distributed as USDT tokens to eligible participants’ Funding Accounts within 10 days following the event’s conclusion.
  • Participants must fulfill the specified trading volume criteria to qualify for rewards. Otherwise, they will receive the highest rewards within their eligible tier.
  • Participants whose total trading volume falls below $30,000 will not qualify for leaderboard rankings or participation rewards.

Activity 3: Premiere Pleasure Lucky Draw

Event Duration: November 27, 2023, 10 AM UTC – December 26, 2023, 10 AM UTC


Gain entries into the Lucky Draw by accomplishing specific tasks, such as registering on Bybit, depositing a minimum of $100, and reaching a trading volume of at least $500. Additionally, joining through affiliate links provides extra opportunities. Participants can earn a maximum of five (5) entries daily for the Lucky Draw.


  • Participants must complete Identity Verification Lv. 1 to participate in the lucky draw.
  • For every $30,000 accumulated in Derivatives trading volume (excluding USDC Options) during the trading competition (from December 4, 2023, 10 AM UTC, to December 25, 2023, 10 AM UTC), participants will receive one (1) entry in the Lucky Draw.
  • Each participant can garner a maximum of five (5) entries per day for the Lucky Draw.

Activity 4: Archetype NFT Quest: Fusion and Brilliance

Event Duration: November 27, 2023, 10 AM UTC – December 25, 2023, 10 AM UTC


Free NFT Distribution

Upon joining a team, receive an Origin Archetype NFT tailored to match your trading personality. Limited quantities are available and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis among 16 unique design variations.

Merge for a Share of 10,000 USDT

Merge Origin Archetype NFTs to unlock Hero and potentially Legend Archetype NFTs. Holders of Legend Archetype NFTs will participate in sharing a 10,000 USDT prize pool based on their holdings at the event’s conclusion.


  • Participants have the option to sell or acquire Archetype NFTs from the Bybit NFT Marketplace.
  • Origin Archetype NFTs, aligned with participants’ trading personality or team affiliation, will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Irrespective of the merge results, merge components (Origin and Hero Archetype NFTs) will be permanently destroyed.
  • Rewards will be distributed to eligible recipients’ accounts via airdrop by January 8, 2024, 10 AM UTC.

Activity 5: Side Events

Beside all those activities, there are many side events that can get you reward after you finish their tasks.

  • New User Exclusive: This is an exclusive event for new users with a 100% chance to win if the user manages to join the spin.
  • Fiat: This will give you bonus fund when you deposit money in.
  • Web3: Stake tokens to earn rewards.
  • Spot: Another lucky draw, trading to a certain volume and get a spinning chance.
  • Options: Trade Options to win a share of 10,000 USDT prize pool!

Jubilee Championship spin to win

General Terms and Conditions

  • Participation is limited to Main Accounts; Subaccounts’ trading volume contributes to the Main Account.
  • Identity Verification Lv. 1 is mandatory for participation.
  • Market Makers and Institutional users are ineligible.
  • Disqualification may occur for excessive order cancellations.
  • Rewards may be provided as USDT tokens and distributed within 10 days post-event conclusion.

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