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NFPrompt Airdrop Confirmed! Steps to Participate in the Airdrop.

An NFPrompt Airdrop has been confirmed and they have announced some factors that would be considered. Find out in this blog!

What is NFPrompt?

NFPrompt merges AI and blockchain, empowering users to unleash creativity and monetize their content within Web3. This innovative platform combines artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to enable content generation, ownership, and monetization.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI tools, users craft a variety of content like images, videos, music, and more. These creations can be transformed into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tradable on NFPrompt’s dedicated marketplace. This process allows users to engage in a dynamic ecosystem where creativity thrives.

Beyond being a transactional hub, the platform serves as a vibrant community nexus. It connects creators and influencers with their audiences, facilitating content sharing and fostering an enriching environment for collaboration and engagement.

Central to this thriving ecosystem is the NFP token, the platform’s native currency. NFP tokenizes platform functions, including staking, governance, voting, and payments, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

Pioneering in the Web3 space, they leads as the inaugural prompt artist platform. Here, users can transform their creative visions into AI-generated NFTs, setting the stage for innovative content creation. Notably, NFPrompt initiated its journey on Binance Launchpad on December 19, 2023.

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NFPrompt Airdrop Confirmed!

An NFPrompt Airdrop has been confirmed.

They have announced some factors that would be considered:

  • Events (OAT Campaign, Discord events, etc.)
  • Wallet activity (Credits System, etc.)
  • Notable NFT creations along with interactions and social visibility
  • Wallet sybil actions will be filtered.

How to increase eligibility for NFPrompt Airdrop?

Prepare BNB on opBNB chain.

You need to have BNB on opBNB chain for transaction fee and also to finish tasks.

  1. You can purchase BNB from the Binance exchange.
  2. After that, you need to bridge your BNB from BNB Smart Chain Mainnet to opBNB Mainnet.
    • To do that, you can use the opBNB Bridge directly: opBNB Bridge.
  3. Remember to add opBNB mainnet to your crypto wallet.
    • Network Name: opBNB
    • RPC URL:
    • Chain ID: 204
    • Symbol: BNB

Earn $cNFP.

$cNFP is a synthetic token that represents the native token NFP. You can earn $cNFP token through various activities, and the more you earn, the more eligibility you can have.

  • Daily Login: Jumpstart your journey by visiting our official website at  Just log in for seven days in a row to score daily credits as your reward!

NFPrompt Airdrop-login-reward

A small note here: You need to have some BNB on the opBNB chain to pay for the fee when claiming the $cNFP token reward.

  • Referral Program: For each successful referral, users earn 2 credit points, with a maximum of 5 referrals per day.
  • NFT Minting: Creating an NFT rewards users with 5 credits, capped at a maximum of 10 NFTs per user.
    • To create art pieces and mint NFTs, users need to spend some $cNFP for each creation. The amount of $cNFP need to spend will depend on the AI creator tool you use to create your NFT.
    • The more NFTs minted, the higher the chance to receive Airdrop tokens.

NFPrompt Airdrop create NFT

  • Transaction Volume: Users can gain the most $cNFP by engaging in transactions up to a maximum value of 3 BNB.
  • Joining Discord: Earn 5 $cNFP upon joining the Discord community.
  • Twitter Follow: Get 5 $cNFP by following them on X (twitter).
  • Weekly Accumulated Rewards: The top 10 users with the highest $cNFP points will receive rewards weekly based on their ranking.
  • Additional Galxe Rewards: Users who participated in the May Galxe campaign and earned OAT qualify for a one-time special reward and the Maestro role. As early supporters, they’ll receive 50 credits.


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Earning from NFPrompt.

NFPrompt enables users to create a wide range of diverse content (AIGC) through AI, such as images, videos, animations, PFP avatars, music, and 3D models, as described in the text passage.

The project employs a token mechanism where copyright fees are transferred to the original creators when their prompts are reused (similar to Royalties fees on platforms like Opensea or Looksrare). This model supports the transaction and circulation of NFTs, thereby enhancing the potential income for content creators.

Collaborations with other Web3 projects also introduce an incentive mechanism through tokens for the community. NFPrompt consistently promotes user engagement in AIGC content campaigns sponsored by various projects and brands, offering corresponding rewards. Users can participate through voting, purchasing top artworks, and receiving rewards from the prize pool.

NFPrompt tokenomics.

Exploring NFPrompt Tokenomics!

Token Details:

  • Token name: NFPrompt Token (NFP)
  • Blockchain: BNB chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: 0x75E8ddB518bB757b4282cd5b83bb70d4101D12FB
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply:1,000,000,000 NFP
  • Initial Token Supply: 250,000,000 NFP
  • Launchpool Token Rewards: 110,000,000 NFP
NFPrompt Airdrop-tokenomics
Image source:

Token release schedule:

NFPrompt Airdrop-token-release-schedule
Image source:

How to add opBNB mainnet with KEYRING PRO Wallet.

When engaging in crypto transactions, a dependable wallet is essential. The KEYRING PRO Wallet stands out as a secure and user-friendly option. Furthermore, adding new chains to the wallet is a simple process.

To include the opBNB mainnet in your KEYRING PRO Wallet, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Download the KEYRING PRO Wallet.
  2. Create your wallet.
  3. Go to setting.
  4. Choose “Manage Chains”
  5. Go to the search bar and search for “opBNB”.
  6. Choose the “opBNB mainnet” and add the chain to your wallet.


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