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Top 3 Free Airdrops for March 2024- High Returns on a Tight Budget.

Let’s explore some top airdrops for small spenders that require no participation fee.

The cryptocurrency market stands as one of the most liquid markets today, with billions of dollars circulating through transactions on a daily basis. However, not everyone possesses a large capital to immediately dive in and profit from the market.

Therefore, airdrops emerge as a lifeline for individuals with limited capital or newcomers to the market who wish to participate but hesitate to invest a large sum upfront.

Airdrop- a Great Start for Everyone!

Airdrops serve as an excellent entry point for beginners and small spenders venturing into the realm of cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional investment avenues that often require substantial capital, airdrops offer an accessible opportunity with little to no budgetary constraints.

They provide individuals with the chance to acquire tokens for free or in exchange for simple tasks such as joining a community or completing social media engagements. For newcomers, this serves as an invaluable learning experience, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of blockchain technology and token ecosystems without financial risk.

Moreover, airdrops often target emerging projects seeking to build a community base, presenting participants with the potential for high returns if the project succeeds in the long term. Thus, airdrops not only offer a low-cost entry into the crypto space but also the prospect of significant gains for those willing to participate.

Top 3 Airdrops for March 2024.

Super Sushi Samurai

Super Sushi Samurai is a captivating idle game tailored for social strategy enthusiasts, accessible on Telegram and powered by the Blast Network. Immerse yourself in a dynamic gaming experience where your samurai and trusty pet seamlessly engage in auto-battles, loot collection, and skill upgrades.

This fully on-chain game boasts a distinctive ecosystem that intertwines clans, friendships, and metagame mastery, promising endless excitement.

To embark on your journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Join the Telegram channel.
  2. Initiate the conversation by selecting “Start” and then proceed to hit the “Play” button.
  3. Once the game interface appears, click on create new account.
  4. To create a new account, you’ll require a referral code. Worry not, we’ve got you covered with the referral code:
    • sSs_6H9BG9YU
  5. Enter the provided code and kickstart your adventure.

Airdrops for Small Spenders-sss-1-play-gif

Super Sushi Samurai operates on autopilot, ensuring continuous gameplay even when you’re not actively engaged. The game continually rewards you with in-game tokens over time, which can later be converted into project tokens or other assets, depending on the development team’s direction.

Moreover, you can boost your score through daily quests. Simply check in each day and share your progress. Just click “Go” and then proceed to check in to complete this sharing quest effortlessly.

After finishing your dailies, switch to the Growth Quest tab to finish the one-time quest and gain more points.

  • Key Guardian (2000 stars)

To do this:

  1. Go to the main screen.
  2. Click on the wallet icon.
  3. Click Export Key.
  4. Click “Copy key to clipboard.”
  5. Go back and check your progress.
  • Join the SSS Telegram Group (1000 stars)

Go with the link and join the group chat on Telegram. Then go back and check.

  • Channel Discovery (1000 stars)

Same goes for this quest, join the Telegram channel they provide, it’s their news channel, you can catch up with the latest news from them here.

  • X Link-Up (1000 stars) 

Link your X (Twitter) account via the link provided.

  • X Trek: X Point Expedition (1000 stars) 

Follow them on X.

  • Repost @SSS_HQ on X (1000 stars) 

Repost their tweet.

Airdrops for Small Spenders sss points

The game only allows players to mint tokens. Other features will be unlocked in the near future.

Remember to check back regularly for new quests. Who knows, more points might lead to more airdrop rewards! Keep an eye out for updates, and happy gaming!

Momo AI

Similar to Super Sushi Samurai, Momo Ai is another auto-minting game played through Telegram.

To join and experience the project, you’ll also need a referral code. You can enter directly through:

Upon entering the game, press the “Create Character” button, and the system will randomly assign a character to you. Once in the game, you’ll see your character along with your hourly minting stats.

These minting stats are fixed according to your character’s level, meaning you can increase your hourly minting rate by leveling up your character. However, to level up, you’ll need a type of resource called “points.” To earn points, you’ll need to Draw, and depending on your luck, each draw may yield varying amounts of points.

Airdrops for Small Spenders momoai draw get the point

Once you have enough points, click on the level up icon to upgrade your level and simultaneously increase your token minting rate per hour. You’ll receive one free draw per day by sharing tasks. Additionally, you can complete tasks in the “Task” tab to earn extra draw opportunities.

Airdrops for Small Spenders momoai draw get the point level up

Another important point to keep in mind is that there’s a cap on the total tokens you can collect, and you must claim them to refill your quota. To initiate this process, you’ll require a small amount of SOL in your wallet to cover the fee.

Navigate to the “Me” tab, where you’ll find your Solana wallet address. You can transfer SOL to this address to use as a gas fee.

Wormfare Slap

Wormfare Slap is a rather intriguing game, perfect for passing the time with its simple premise: “You slap a worm as many times as you can.” That’s it. To join in on the fun, you can use [this invitation link]

Wormfare Slap, unlike the two aforementioned games, offers a completely different gameplay experience.

  1. Firstly, you can only play it on mobile devices.
  2. Secondly, it’s not an idle auto-minting game; instead, it requires continuous interaction, specifically “slapping” the worm to earn points.

But fret not! We’ll share some tips to make your experience more enjoyable.

  • Regarding playing only on mobile devices:

The game is designed to run exclusively on mobile devices, ensuring optimal performance. However, if you prefer to play on a PC or laptop, you can download a mobile emulator app.

There are plenty of mobile emulator apps available on the market, so feel free to choose one that suits your preferences. If you’re unsure which one to pick, we recommend considering Nox player, BluestacksLD player.

Once you have a mobile emulator app installed, download Telegram to play the game directly on the emulator.

  • Regarding tapping the screen to earn points:

The game provides you with a certain number of “slaps” (which you can increase the maximum amount) to earn points by tapping the screen. While manual tapping is an option and is the intended gameplay by the development team, can you tap the screen over 8000 times continuously? If not, you might want to consider using an auto clicker app for a shortcut.

There are numerous auto-click apps available in the app store, but look for one with multiple touch options, as this will help you evade detection by the developers who aim to detect auto-clicking. However, according to the writer, this auto clicker app work fine with the game.

Airdrop for small spenders slapworm cen

When setting up the app, remember to choose the multi-touch option and set the tapping interval to a realistic pace, avoiding settings that seem humanly impossible. Additionally, ensure to select the option to prevent detection.

How to earn points?

The game uses a currency called “peaches.” You can earn Peaches by slapping the worm, and then use the peaches you earn to purchase boosters.

There are three types of boosters available:

  • Increase the maximum number of slaps you can store.
  • Increase the cooldown recovery time for slap attempts.
  • Increase the value of each slap (meaning each tap will earn more points than the default 1 point per slap).

Based on our experience, we recommend prioritizing upgrades in the following order: maximum storage capacity first, followed by cooldown recovery speed, and finally, points per tap.

  • Increasing the maximum storage capacity allows for more taps, resulting in more points.
  • Faster cooldown recovery speeds up point accumulation, although it doesn’t need to be prioritized too heavily since the recovery rate is already quite fast. You also don’t want it to recover too quickly, leading to frequent checks on Telegram every few minutes.
  • Increasing points per tap speeds up task completion, especially with an auto-clicker app. While it doesn’t need heavy prioritization, upgrading it is still crucial. A low points per tap and high maximum cap can significantly prolong completion time.

Another important point to remember is that there are several tasks available from the start that can earn you a significant number of peaches. It’s advisable to prioritize these tasks early on so you can purchase boosters quickly and maximize your earnings.

To access these tasks, navigate to the “Earn” tab located at the bottom left corner of the screen. Here, you’ll find a list of tasks that you can complete to earn more peaches. Keep in mind that you can only begin these tasks after joining a squad, so be sure to join one before starting.

Airdrop for small spenders slapworm (2)

Invest with caution!

A golden rule when stepping into the world of crypto is: Invest with caution. Always remember that developers’ main goal is to make a profit. Therefore, when you take investment actions, it’s crucial to weigh your options carefully.

Though the airdrops shared in the article almost incur no cost to participate, except for Momo Ai which requires a small gas fee, you’ll still need to invest time to earn them. Additionally, there’s always the possibility that a project may not continue to develop and there won’t be any airdrops. After all, this is the nature of cryptocurrency.

Therefore, consider this article as a reference point. Even if it’s free, it will still require time and effort. Hence, you should thoroughly evaluate the project before deciding to invest your time. But if you have the time to spare, why not give it a shot? Even if the project fails, you’ll gain valuable experience along the way.

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