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What is Bitcoin Rejoin

Bitcoin Rejoin

What is Bitcoin Rejoin

The keyword ‘Bitcoin Rejoin’ has risen recently as a new way to trade crypto passively.

When searching on the Internet, you may come across its different versions.

One may claim its advantage of using AI Algorithm to trade BTC, which can grow from 250 USD to 1 million USD in a short amount of time.

Others may introduce its automated trading system that will join CFD system in the future.

They would look different in domain name (URL), logo, and site appearance, but they all ask for the same exact initial deposit of 250 USD. Why is that?


What is Bitcoin Rejoin


Why is it a scam? – 03 Cold Hard Facts About Bitcoin Rejoin

Bitcoin Rejoin – It’s a Ghost!

The two most recognizable Bitcoin Rejoin domains are and

Through the checking process with ICANN system, the two domains are both purchased from Namecheap.

In fact, there is no Registrar Data can be found, or ‘REDACTED FOR PRIVACY’ to be exact.

Besides, no contact info, or information of responsible entities can literally be found anywhere.

This means if the site owners decided to seize all the deposit money, it would be impossible for users to take back the fund.


Bitcoin Rejoin Registrar


False Reviews Everywhere

On search result page, ‘Bitcoin Rejoin Review’ results will also appear alongside with main pages.

Actually, most of those are part of Bitcoin Rejoin Affiliate System.

They will provide good baseless reviews on the service, then encourage users to register and deposit.

Their call-to-action buttons will redirect you to a page of Bitcoin Rejoin with URL includes ‘offerID=****’, which is an obvious sign to detect affiliate.

Sadly, their reviews in this case mean nothing but their commission despite user’s losses.


Bitcoin Rejoin Review Referral


Shady Services

No one can explain how Bitcoin Rejoin works. It’s a myth.

You can barely find any clues on their sites that illustrate the operation of their service.

The majority of displayed content are too general which focus on promising senseless future profits.

For example, they promise to grow from 250 USD to 1 million USD shortly, which is equivalent to 400,000%. That’s nonsense.


Easy Ways To Buy Crypto Instantly

Instead of losing your money to those obvious scam services, you can start approaching the Crypto Space in a proper way.

First, you need to settle your initial capital in crypto as most trading sessions in the space would happen in crypto-to-crypto format.


Buy Bitcoin - Source: Unsplash


P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

At this point, most CEXs (Centralized Exchange) such as Binance, OKEx, Houbi, etc. have supported this feature.

You will be able to purchase crypto directly from other users by using fiat through bank transfers.

During the process, CEX will become an arbitrator to protect both parties.


With Credit Card

This option is indeed the most convenient and reliable way, which should take less time than any other methods.

You can try the feature ‘Buy Crypto‘ on KEYRING PRO to purchase crypto instantly with Credit Card.

First, you need to create or import your account into KEYRING PRO, a non-custodial multichain wallet.

  1. Download KEYRING PRO
  2. Open the app, choose your language
  3. Choose ‘Create new wallet’, or ‘Import Private Key’
  4. Choose all networks

Since your KEYRING PRO is ready, you can start to purchase crypto with your credit card as below.


buy-crypto-gif-min (1)


  1. Choose a wallet(Ex: Bitcoin for BTC, Ethereum for ETH & ERC-20, etc.)
  2. Tap ‘Buy’
  3. Choose your crypto
  4. Insert purchasing amount in USD
  5. Insert your card info
  6. Proceed to checkout
  7. Purchased crypto will be sent to your wallet shortly


Crypto Trading 101


To start, you need to create an account by submitting your KYC (identity documentations).

Some CEXs will be restricted in certain locations due to local regulations.

Once registered, you need to transfer your initial capital in crypto into an address provided by your exchange.

Trading on CEX will be tricky sometimes, please pay attention to your chosen pairs and your type of orders (Limit order, Stop order, Trigger order, etc.)

Also, ‘Future Trading’ and ‘Margin Trading’ are totally different from ‘Spot Trading’, which only suit professionals.

They let you bet on the price of a coin without actually owning it, whether it will go up, or go down. If you lose the bet without a good stoploss, you may lose all of your initial capital.


KYC Image



Trading on DEX (Decentralized Exchange) would be more simple in comparison to CEX.

You only need to connect your wallet to start trading instantly with no limit.

For instance, you can try KEYRING SWAP.

  1. Go to
  2. Tap ‘Connect Wallet’
  3. Scan a QR (Desktop), or Choose KEYRING PRO app
  4. Switch back to your browser
  5. Choose a trading pair, set an amount
  6. Choose ‘Swap’

Purchased coin should appear in your wallet shortly.



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About Trading Bots

Third-party Trading Bots are quite unstable and can be manipulated from time to time.

They operate with authentication provided by users with API Key extracted from CEX.

Due to security purposes, some exchanges have developed their own bots as OKEx or Kucoin.

Those allow users to delegate an amount of capital to earn passive income by supporting Market Maker.


Market Research Tools

To catch up with this fast-moving market, you can use some tools below.


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