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10 rising NFT Artists to watch for the rest of 2023 and beyond (part 2)

There are many rising NFT artists that are commanding the attention of the art world, as they push the frontiers of digital innovation and the art of collecting.

If you missed our Part 1 feature on the best rising NFT artists of 2023, we invite you to explore it, as it spotlights some of the most compelling creators in the space.

10 rising NFT artists

Sasha Stiles

Stiles is pioneering the intersection of poetry and programming, her work embodying the potential of generative literature. Each piece is a dialogue between the artist’s intent and the algorithm’s interpretation, a compelling fusion that beckons the future of narrative art.

Sasha Stiles is un NFT artist known for her text-based NFTs, Stiles’s “PROOF OF POETRY” explores the convergence of human emotion and artificial intelligence in poetry.

Rising NFT Artists Sasha stiles

“PROOF OF POETRY” is a 12-part poetry cycle commissioned and minted in June 2023. All sets of this collection have been sold out, making it even more compelling to keep an eye on this emerging NFT artist, as her creations consistently attract significant attention.

Markus Magnusson

Markus Magnusson is a Swedish animator and illustrator who uses simple shapes and colors to create engaging and whimsical characters that are inspired by his own life and observations. He uses motion as a key element of his expression, creating complex stories and emotions with his animations.

His work is a testament to the playful spirit of digital art and the narrative power of pixels. He has created several NFT collections under the name of “Motion Markus”, which showcase his talent for creating unique and dynamic animated characters.

Rising NFT Artists Markus Magnusson

His most successful collection is “Invisible Friends”, which features 5,000 procedurally generated characters that are invisible, except for their clothing elements, accessories, and backgrounds.

The collection was launched in February 2022 and sold out in minutes, generating over $20 million in sales.

Iman Europe

Iman Europe is a singer and songwriter who creates NFTs that combine her music and poetry with abstract digital art. She uses sound and color to create a vibrant and synesthetic tapestry that appeals to the digital native.

Her NFTs are extensions of her songs and poems, expressing her emotions and experiences.

She has created several NFT collections that showcase her audio-visual style and genre, such as “Kari”, “Time”, and “Caterpillar”.

Rising NFT Artists Markus Magnusson

Her most successful NFT was a music video called “Citrus”, which was sold for 69.42 ETH (almost $120,000) on January 3, 2023. This NFT was part of her collection called “Iman Europe”, which has a floor price of 0.21900 ETH ($354.83) and a market cap of 45.33 ETH ($73,451) on Coingecko.

Marija Tiurina

Marija Tiurina is a digital painter and illustrator who creates colorful and intricate artworks that are inspired by classical art and mythology. She uses digital tools to create detailed and symbolic narratives and characters, inviting the viewer to discover a new story with every glance.

She has created several NFT collections that showcase her style and theme of digital paintings.

Rising NFT Artists Markus Magnusson

Her most successful collection is “Seven Deadly Sins – Cat Version”, which features seven detailed digital paintings representing each of the cardinal sins with a unique twist- cats.

The collection was launched in October 2022 and sold out in less than a day, generating over $100,000 in sales.

The Rusted Pixel (Paul)

The Rusted Pixel is the alias of Paul McMahon, a freelance 3D NFT artist and director from Ireland who creates charming and nostalgic animated content. He uses 3D software to create detailed and realistic environments, using lighting and color to create mood and atmosphere.

His NFTs portray his creative and whimsical vision of the world, using 3D models, animations, and colors to express his ideas and emotions. He often draws inspiration from his own life, experiences, and interests, as well as from popular culture, movies, games, and art.

Rising NFT Artists

He likes to experiment with different styles and themes, and sometimes collaborates with other artists to create new and original artworks. His NFTs are fun, playful, and engaging, and they showcase his skills and passion as a 3D artist.


Pak is an anonymous and influential NFT artist who uses geometric shapes and patterns to create abstract and conceptual NFTs. They use simplicity and minimalism to create thought-provoking pieces that challenge the viewer to find meaning in the digital age.

Their work is a profound commentary on the ephemeral nature of the digital realm and the information overload of the modern society. They have created several NFT collections that showcase their innovative and experimental style and genre.

pak Rising NFT Artists

The most well-known NFT collection of Pak is The Merge.

The project was released on Nifty Gateway and generated a record $91,806,519 USD in sales.

Claire Silver

Claire Silver is an AI collaborative NFT artist and painter who creates stunning and provocative artworks that challenge the boundaries of consciousness and creativity.

She uses AI tools and neural networks to create expressive and surreal narratives and characters, inviting the viewer to question what it means to feel and create. She has created several NFT collections that showcase her style, such as Pixelgeist, Paracosm, and Genesis.

Claire Silver NFT genesis Rising NFT Artists

Her most successful collection is Genesis, which features seven AI-generated artworks representing the creation of the world and humanity with a classical twist.

The collection was launched in March 2023 and sold out in less than an hour.

Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor

Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor is a visual NFT artist and illustrator from Bogotá, Colombia who creates surreal and atmospheric NFTs. She uses soft hues and surreal settings to craft a quiet reflection on the ethereal aspects of existence.

Her work is a subtle exploration of the inner world and the emotions that shape it. She uses natural drawing skills and breaks down themes to execute the brief.

Breathe by Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor

Her most notable NFT is “Breathe”. The NFT is a beautiful reminder of the importance of self-care and relaxation.


Maddogjones is a multidisciplinary artist from Canada who makes futuristic NFTs with neon cars and natural elements.

His work is a commentary on the merging of life and technology, and the dichotomy of our modern existence. He uses cyberpunk, dystopian imagery to explore themes of beauty, nature and technology.

Crash + Burn by Mad Dog Jones

He’s the rising NFT artist behind “REPLICATOR“, a complex and innovative project that explored the themes of creation, destruction, and regeneration.

He makes simple and minimal NFTs that challenge the viewer to find meaning in the digital age. He is an influential and innovative NFT artist who uses geometric shapes and patterns to create abstract and conceptual NFTs.

Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs is a visual artist and generative artist from Austin, Texas who creates digital artworks that are based on algorithms, plotters, and paint.

His work is a result of code and color, and a reflection of his artistic vision and technical skills. He uses geometric shapes and patterns to create abstract and conceptual NFTs that challenge the viewer to find meaning in the complexity and diversity of his creations.


He is the NFT artist who created “Fidenza”, a collection of 999 NFTs that use a flow field algorithm to create organic curves and colors.

He is an influential and innovative NFT artist who pushes the boundaries of generative art and NFTs.

Why should you keep an eye on these rising NFT artists?

An NFT serves as a digital representation of ownership and authenticity for a one-of-a-kind item. Yet, what distinguishes NFTs from emerging NFT artists isn’t just their uniqueness; it’s their ability to transform these tokens into true art.

While not all NFTs can be considered art, this doesn’t hold true for these exceptional NFT artists who are highly regarded and sought after in the digital realm.

Whether they choose to reveal their identities or remain anonymous is inconsequential when their NFT artworks hold such significant value.

So, it’s prudent to keep a keen eye on their creations. You could very well end up being the fortunate owner of a valuable treasure.



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