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Tribester Airdrop Guide- Play Game, Relax, and Profit

As the market experiences a downturn with Bitcoin trending downward after its recent peak, sentiment is shifting from “Greed” to “Fear.” Most participants are waiting for price fluctuations before making any moves.

However, there remains a highly promising sector that thrives regardless of market conditions: GameFi. In this article, we’ll delve into the popular NFT game Tribester and explain how you can receive the Tribester Airdrop.

What is Tribester?

Tribester is an NFT game built on the Ronin network, following the play-to-airdrop trend of the entire ecosystem. The Ronin network is also renowned for producing Web3 games that attract numerous players and significant investments. This could be an opportunity if you spend time accompanying the project.

In Tribester, you will transform into a native and embark on adventures to explore various lands rich with resources and items for farming and breeding. The game’s challenge lies in the numerous monsters you will encounter and fight to earn Gold, which is essential for participating in the project’s airdrop.

Currently, Tribester’s gameplay is quite accessible to the majority, revolving around activities such as:

  • Collect: Gather resources like wood, water, sand, coral, and coins to serve various tasks in the game.
  • Farm: After collecting resources, players can craft seeds to cultivate and harvest to earn points.


In the early stages, the gameplay only consists of these activities. The more resources you collect, the better. Each collected item corresponds to one point, which will be converted to a token distribution ratio in the future.

Tribester Airdrop thumb

Tribester Airdrop

Tribester NFT

As an NFT game, NFTs are certainly the most important aspect of the game. To participate in the game or the Tribester Airdrop, participants need to own at least one NFT from the project.

That’s right, this is not a free-to-participate project. This might be a barrier for some people, but let’s look at the positive side:

  • The price of the project’s NFTs is not high, with the cheapest NFTs starting at just $3, and even the next tier only fluctuates around $9. So, owning an NFT is not too difficult.
  • By contributing money to buy NFTs, the project will have the funds to develop.
  • The higher the capital, the greater the hope for a valuable airdrop. Although it’s not guaranteed, there is a basis for hope.

Consider this an opportunity. With a small investment, which can be considered minimal, the project is still in its Alpha phase, with a long development period ahead. If you become one of the first participants, your opportunities and rewards will be greater.

Tribester airdrop NFt marketplace

How to do the Tribester Airdrop

Currently, to participate, players are REQUIRED to have a Tribester Community NFT. This NFT acts like a ticket for everyone to join the early stage of the project. In addition to the NFT, you also need an account on and to download Mavis Hub to play the game.

However, according to the latest information in the Beta Play version, you will no longer need an NFT to participate in the game. You only need a GGpotal account and a GamerID. The Beta Play version is expected to be launched in early July.

That said, for those who own an NFT, it is likely that their rewards will be higher compared to those without one.

NFT Tribester Community NFT

The project does not yet have any official NFTs; currently, there are only community NFTs. Purchasing these NFTs and participating in the early stages will give you the opportunity to receive airdrops and be whitelisted for the official NFT minting of the project in the future.

The image above describes the privileges of each type of NFT. As of now (June 26), the prices of the NFTs are as follows:

  • Common – 2645 NFTs with a floor price of 3.20 RON, approximately 6.91 USD.
  • Uncommon – 5000 NFTs with a floor price of 4.10 RON, approximately 9 USD.
  • Rare – 3000 NFTs with a floor price of 7.20 RON, approximately 15.9 USD.
  • Epic – 1500 NFTs with a floor price of 22 RON, approximately 47.3 USD.
  • Legendary – 500 NFTs with a floor price of 95 RON, approximately 204 USD.

Tribester Airdrop nft rank

Depending on individual circumstances, each person will have their own strategy for selecting NFTs.

Buy NFT on Sky Mavis Marketplace

This is how you can buy NFTs:

  1. Download and create a Ronin wallet.
  2. Withdraw RON from exchanges that support the Ronin network, such as Binance, OKX, etc.
  3. Access the NFT Marketplace of Sky Mavis.
  4. Once you have RON in your wallet, simply click “BUY NOW” to purchase the NFT and qualify to play the game.


Create account on

The ggpotal account can be considered the most important when playing Tribester.

  1. Visit Then click “Join our Community” to create an account and password.
  2. After creating the account, click “Wallet Connect” in the upper right corner and connect it with the wallet where you purchased the NFT.
  3. Go to the “Game Connect” section, select “Keeper of Secrets,” and choose “View Game.” At this point, the Gamer ID will appear on the screen. The Gamer ID will be the account to log into the Tribester game, and the password for the game will be the password of

Tribester Airdrop ggportal

Download Mavis Hub

Mavis Hub not only helps you play the Tribester game, but it will also be the platform to access many games in the Ronin ecosystem.

  1. Download Mavis Hub.
  2. Once Mavis Hub is downloaded, create an account for Mavis Hub. You can log in with the Ronin wallet you created earlier for convenience.
  3. In Mavis Hub, scroll down to find the Tribester game, select the game, and then click Download.
Once downloaded, click Play, then enter your Gamer ID and password, and you can start playing the game.

Tribester Airdrop guide

The project has now concluded the Alpha phase named Keeper of Secret. From now (June 27), we will be entering the Beta phase of the project. Don’t worry, it’s not too late as the project still has many plans to further refine the game.

The purpose of these phases is to gather contributions from the community and report bugs to build the game in the best way possible. Let’s get started!

Tribester Airdrop gameplay 1

When you enter the game, you will control a blue character to explore the map and collect materials and coins.

Currently, there are 5 areas for us to explore. Each area is not too large, so you can walk around and collect materials, taking about 2-3 minutes for each area. Here are some tips to optimize your gameplay:

  • One material equals one point. The more points, the better.
  • Materials respawn every 30 minutes, meaning you can play this game all day just by collecting materials.
  • Prioritize collecting coins; their exact use is unclear, but they are likely to be convertible to airdrops in the future.
  • Use the WASD keys to move, SPACE to jump, left mouse button to attack, and right mouse button to defend.
  • In the sea area, walking along the shore will help you collect more resources.
  • Daily quests involve collecting materials, and each completed quest gives you 3 points.

Each area has a portal like the one in the picture for moving between areas. There are only 5 areas, and each play session doesn’t take too much time. After 1-2 play sessions, you’ll get the hang of it.

Tribester Airdrop gameplay 2

Crafting is an area where you can craft seeds from collected materials to plant trees. Although there is not much information yet on the benefits of planting trees, I still craft seeds, harvest them, and plant a new batch.

Currently, the gameplay is limited as the game is in its very early stages. Playing the game will give us an advantage when the official version is released.

Tribester Airdrop gameplay 3

In addition to playing the game to hunt for airdrops, the ggpotal platform will be the place where the development team and players communicate. It acts like a social network, where you can earn points through tasks in the Rewards section.

Opportunities and risks


  • The game is developed on Ronin and follows the general trend of the system, which is play-to-airdrop. So if you have the time to stick with the project, you’ll have the chance to receive well-deserved airdrops.
  • The team is hardworking, interacts with and receives feedback from users, and even runs its own social platform, showing their dedication to the project.
  • The project currently does not receive much FOMO from the community. However, it already has a product that, in my opinion, is very well-prepared and has plenty of room for development. Moreover, if something is too obvious, it’s no longer an opportunity.
  • The use of NFTs will help the project filter out many airdrop farming teams and allocate rewards appropriately to those who contribute to the game.


  • To play, users initially need to spend money to buy NFTs.
  • The current gameplay does not have many standout features and needs improvement to attract more players.

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