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The Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Meme Coins for Beginners

Curious about where to find meme coins or which exchanges offer them? You’re not alone. Many are intrigued by meme coins but don’t know how to start acquiring them. While Dogecoin is widely known, finding other meme coins can be quite a task. Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) often carry a limited selection of cryptocurrencies, leaving many niche coins out of reach.

To get these meme coins, turning to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) for swapping cryptocurrencies obtained from CEXs is a common approach.

This guide aims to simplify the process for those looking to get their hands on meme coins. Keep reading for a straightforward way to buy meme coins.

Understanding Meme Coins

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies inspired by internet memes, including humorous images, videos, and texts. Dogecoin (DOGE) is a prime example, but there’s a whole universe of meme coins out there. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, meme coins often come with high volatility and risk due to their less clear project goals and future prospects. Yet, they sometimes offer rapid value growth opportunities. Since most meme coins aren’t available on CEXs, DEXs are your go-to for acquiring them.

Finding and Tracking Meme Coin Trends


With the “Keyring Pro” wallet app, available for iOS, Android, and other platforms, tracking down meme coins becomes effortless. The app’s coin search feature enables users to easily discover trending meme coins, organized by network in a ranking format.

To find meme coins using Keyring Pro:

  • Open Keyring Pro and tap the search button at the bottom right.
  • Choose a network from the top menu.
  • Click “View All” to see a list of surging coins.
  • Change the category from “All” to “Meme.”
  • Select a coin for further details.

For detailed guidance on how to select which coin to choose among those that are surging, including points to consider, how to find, distinguish, and search for them, please see “How to Find Meme Coins: A Beginner’s Guide to Spotting Potential.

How to Buy Meme Coins (Using Keyring Pro)


For those eager to acquire meme coins quickly, the process can be broken down into two steps:

  1. Transfer Cryptocurrency to Keyring Pro: Send cryptocurrency from a CEX to Keyring Pro. The app facilitates the direct purchase of meme coins on both iOS and Android. Create a Keyring Pro account and transfer your cryptocurrency there, ensuring the correct network and address to avoid any errors.
  2. Swap or Bridge Within the App: In your Keyring Pro wallet, tap the total value to display your coin list. Choose the coin you wish to exchange, tap the exchange button, and select “Exchange.” Determine the amount, choose the network and token in the “To” section, and confirm the transfer.

Keyring Pro supports a wide array of networks and tokens for swapping and bridging. If a token is not listed, use its contract address for a direct search, available on Coinmarket Cap or CoinGecko.

Buying Meme Coins with MetaMask


MetaMask serves as another avenue for purchasing meme coins, usable both as a browser extension and a mobile app. Follow these steps:

  1. Migrate Cryptocurrency to MetaMask: Move your cryptocurrency from a CEX to MetaMask, ensuring the correct network and accurate address.
  2. Connect DEX and MetaMask: Since meme coins are scarce on CEXs, you’ll likely need a DEX for swapping or bridging. Keyring Exchange helps find the most cost-effective routes across various DEXs. Connect your wallet (MetaMask or Wallet Connect) to the DEX.
  3. Swap or Bridge on DEX: Choose the cryptocurrency you have and the meme coin you want. It’s possible to search by name or contract address. Confirm the transfer to complete your purchase.


Obtaining meme coins typically involves moving them to an external wallet and utilizing DEX sites or apps for swapping or bridging.

We hope this guide helps you on your meme coin acquisition journey.

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