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Everything about EIP-1559 Ethereum you need to know? Ethereum’s price?

EIP-1559 Ethereum

In the case of Ethereum, the most anticipated future breakthrough is EIP-1559 Ethereum. It represents the most significant fundamental adjustment in Ethereum’s monetary policy history.

What is EIP-1559 Ethereum?

Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin created EIP-1559 (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) years ago. This significantly alters transaction performance.

EIP-1559 modifies this method by establishing a dynamically modified “base fee” for each transaction. “Base fee” will be burnt instead of paid to miners. If requested, participants can contribute an optional “tip” with their standard cost to expedite the process. While miners aren’t thrilled that fees they’ve already earned will be burnt, the move should make the arduous task of choosing how much to pay for each transaction a little easier, and it may even decrease gas prices marginally.

This works similarly to how ETH transactions work: you may give miners (the “driver” in the example above) a tip to include your transaction in the next block (the “ride” in the example above). A bigger tip increases the likelihood that your transaction will be inclusive in the following block and therefore completed.

EIP-1559 Ethereum c

When will EIP-1559 Ethereum become operational?

On June 24, the modification went live on Ethereum’s Ropsten test network, with other testnet deployments scheduled for June 30 (Goerli) and July 7 (Rinkeby) ahead of the actual Ethereum main net launch on or around August 4.

What effect will EIP-1559 have on the price of Ethereum?

Will this result in lower gas prices?

The answer is no, the EIP does not intend for this to happen. EIP-1559 may result in a drop in gas costs as a side effect of a more predictable base fee. Assumingly, that fee predictability implies consumers would overpay for gas less frequently. 

From a basic standpoint, EIP-1559’s most significant consequence is the move to burning transaction fees rather than sending them to miners. They often sell them to pay their expenses, resulting in a continual stream of ETH selling pressure.

A loss in supply (or even a minor gain in supply) can lead to a higher price. If demand continues to climb, as we all taught in high school economics classes.

Readers should wait to see if ETH/USD can reclaim the $2,000 level before contemplating fresh long positions. In the meanwhile, the previous resistance turned support near $1400 might also be a plausible location to counter the dominating near-term decline.

Regardless of whether it eventually raises prices, anybody interested in trading the world’s second-largest crypto-assets should be aware of EIP-1559 and its ramifications over the summer and beyond!


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