Multichain Wallet Connect


Extend Your Reachability

KEYRING PRO extends Wallet Connect accessibility by providing multichain approachment from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain, Houbi ECO Chain, Harmony One, TomoChain.

The feature lets you sign and approve transactions on your Desktop browser remotely from your Phone.

You only need to scan a QR code with your phone to start the process. It simply means you can access your funds on any unfamiliar devices without extension installation, or inserting your Private Key.

In fact, it offers high-security access to your Wallet, which eliminates the risk of leaking Private Key. This new method is now widely adopted by multiple Dapps and DEXs.

Wallet Connect Supporter

100+ Popular Dapps Adopted

Most popular Blockchain Apps now support Wallet Connect as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pantograph DEX, etc.

The number of supporters is growing rapidly through time.

At this moment, KEYRING PRO aims to support this advanced feature on Ethereum and TomoChain. In the long run, we will constantly add more Chains to ensure the best User Experience.

We believe the feature will be one of the most common methods to access Dapps securely in the near future, which simplifies every single step at the highest security.

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Simple and Secure

1/ Go to your Dapp | In this example, we will connect to Uniswap

2/ Click ‘Connect to a wallet’, choose ‘Wallet Connect’

3/ Open KEYRING PRO on your phone

4/ Tap the Scan QR Code button at the end of your main screen

5/ Scan the given QR Code on Uniswap, then tap ‘Sign’ on your phone