Efficient Wallet Management

Multichain Wallet Management

Unlimited Multichain Wallet Management

KEYRING PRO provides a boundless environment for user to store various Blockchain Wallets from Bitcoin to Ethereum, and TomoChain.

It simplifies the idea of multichain wallet management. As everything stays in one place, you can avoid losing access to any of your accounts in the long term.

In fact, the app operates differently from a regular Blockchain Wallet. User cannot make transactions directly on the app’s interface. Instead, the Wallet Connect Feature is specifically integrated to fulfill this need.

Basically, it means user can make transactions with KEYRING PRO on a separated browser. The app actually plays the role of a management tool, where user can authorize transactions remotely.

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Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect lets you sign and approve transactions anywhere remotely and directly from your phone.

In short, you can approve a transaction securely on an unfamiliar browser, based on a random PC without importing your wallet, installing any extension, or exposing your Private Key.

The feature ensures the highest security, with authorization comes from one trusted device, which is your phone.

Most popular Dapps now supports Wallet Connect as Uniswap, Sushi Swap, 1INCH, Pantograph DEX, etc.

Backup File & One Key

Backup File & One Key are advanced features that exclusively exist on KEYRING PRO. Those features remove the cross-chain barrier that existing in the last few years.

Basically, you can manage different accounts on different Blockchains with only ONE PRIVATE KEY, and back up all accounts to 01 highly encrypted Backup File.

It reduces the risk of losing your accounts. You only need to remember one Private Key, and hold 01 Backup File to restore everything at once.

One Key only operates properly when you create new accounts on KEYRING PRO, in which some newly created accounts on our app are tightened to one main account. The Private Key of the main account (can be either TomoChain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, or Houbi ECO Chain) will be the source to restore other accounts.

Simple, Easy, Secure

In the World of KEYRING PRO, simplicity defines the main theme, as our team aims to offer a seamless UX that maximizes efficiency.

You can import all of your accounts into KEYRING PRO, a Non-Custodial Blockchain Wallet Management Tool, in a few minutes by importing your Private Key (Bitcoin, Ethereum, TomoChain).

Thenceforth, every transaction can be approved on one app from one device, which reduces the risk of losing your accounts through time.

Once all accounts imported, the app lets user immediately back up everything into a highly encrypted backup file. The file can only be initiated by KEYRING PRO app, with a customized password from the true owner.