Multichain Wallet Management

Plain & Simple

Manage all accounts on different Blockchains in the simplest way.

Real-time Holding Value

KEYRING PRO displays the Total Holding Value in real-time of all imported wallet directly on the Home screen.


Token Management

Token List Management

KEYRING PRO enables users to manage any tokens on supported chains in an order of a token list with detailed balance in local currency.

Most tokens will automatically detected by the app, or can be added manually in seconds.

In case a token exists cross-chain, KEYRING PRO will display all cross-chain versions of the token if there is a balance exists in the wallet of user.

Live Market Data

Live Market Data

Directly From Coingecko

On the Home screen, KEYRING PRO will display your total balance at a market price provided by real-time data from Coingecko.

By tapping on the total balance, you will get the detail of your total holding in an order of a token list, where you can hide or show a token manually as desired.

Since display data is obtained from Coingecko, any listed tokens on Coingecko will be able to track with KEYRING PRO.

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Add Custom Token


Add Custom Token

  1. On the token list screen, scroll down, tap ‘Add Token’
  2. Choose the network, insert Smart Contract Address, tap ‘Next’
  3. Tap ‘Add’
  4. Your Custom Token will appear on the token list